Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 38 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: Food allergies and intolerances

Guest Editors: Dr Mabel Blades

Role for food‐specific IgG‐based elimination diets

Kate Hicks, Gillian Hart

Evidence has suggested that elimination diets based on food‐specific IgG measurement can lead to improvements in chronic ill health symptoms. This paper aims to review the…


Raising food allergy awareness of caterers in Wales

Denise Worsfold

The purpose of this paper is to review the progress of the Allergen Strategy for Wales intended to raise food allergen awareness of caterers in the principality.


Effects of konjac glucomannan hydrolysates on the gut microflora of mice

Abdulmnem A. Elamir, Richard F. Tester, Farage H. Al‐Ghazzewi, Hakim Y. Kaal, Amna A. Ghalbon, Najat A. Elmegrahai, John R. Piggott

The aim of this study is to determine the effects of depolymerised mannans and specifically konjac glucomannan hydrolysates (GMH) on the colonic microflora of mice. Blood glucose…

Special humanized milk as a supplementary food for infants

S. Sarkar

In absence of breast milk, humanized mammalian milk may not be adequate as it could not confer considerable protection to the infants as those extended by breast milk. With the…


Balancing food allergy in schools and achieving the school food standards: Can school vending help resolve the ensuing conflict?

Jennette Higgs

The 2006 UK Government's school food standards has created an opportunity for schools to consider introducing highly nutritious, convenience snack alternatives, such as dried…


A survey on reported symptoms of food hypersensitivity in Mauritius

P. Pugo‐Gunsam, N. Cahoolessur, A.H. Subratty

It is known that individuals who are prone to food hypersensitivity also show allergy‐associated problems or hypersensitivities to allergens. At present there is scarcity of data…

Evaluation of starters for the fermentation of African oil bean (Pentaclethra Macrophylla Benth) seeds

V.N. Enujiugha, C.T. Akanbi, H.A. Adeniran

The purpose of this paper is to examine pure culture isolates from traditionally fermented product of African oil bean seeds (ugba) with a view to identifying the appropriate…


Storage stability of improved dambu produced from different cereal grains

H.O. Agu, I.A. Jideani, I.Z. Yusuf

The aim of this paper is to evaluate the storage stability of improved dambu, a steamed granulated dumpling product generally made from millet, was produced from maize (Zea mays)…

Quality evaluation of ginger‐flavoured soy‐cassava biscuit

B.A. Akinwande, B.I.O. Ade‐Omowaye, S.A. Olaniyan, O.O. Akintaro

This study aimed at the potential use of ginger‐flavoured soy‐cassava flour to produce high‐protein biscuits.


Effect of emulsifiers on wheat‐potato composite flour for the production of leavened flat bread (naan)

Faqir M. Anjum, Imran Pasha, Sarfraz Ahmad, M. Issa Khan, Zafar Iqbal

The present study was designed to enhance the nutritional and calorific value of food without affecting quality of final product with the use of emulsifiers. Lysine contents in…

Spirulina maxima and Diacronema vlkianum microalgae in vegetable gelled desserts

Luísa Gouveia, Ana Paula Batista, Anabela Raymundo, Narcisa Bandarra

The purpose of this paper is to develop microalgae vegetable‐based gelled desserts (similar to “dairy desserts”) prepared with pea protein isolate, Spirulina maxima and Diacronema

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