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Understanding consumer requirements for fruit and vegetable texture

David Kilcast, Laurence Fillion

Fruit and vegetables are important components of a healthy diet, and their textural characteristics are important in determining consumer choice. The food industry needs reliable…


Grimsby – still Europe’s food town

W.F.A. Horner

A long heritage in making food products from the harvest of some of the world’s richest seas and soils has substantiated Grimsby’s claim to be “Europe’s food town”. Since the…


Potential intake of selenium by the inhabitants of different regions in Jordan

M.S.Y. Haddadin, S. Khattari, Daniela Caretto, R.K. Robinson

The margin between a deficient (∼0.02mg day‐1), an adequate (∼0.2mg day‐1) and toxic (∼2.4mg day‐1) intake of selenium is quite narrow, and this study sought to establish whether…


The use of models in the maintenance of the hygienic quality of foods

Alan Adams

Examines the hazard analysis critical control point system (HACCP) for maintaining the microbiological quality of foods. In particular, it deals with the cooling of foods and uses…

The anti‐bacterial activity of 12 Alliums against Escherichia coli

D.C.J. Maidment, Z. Dembny, D.I. Watts

A total of 12 Alliums, used for culinary purposes, were examined for anti‐bacterial activity against Escherichia coli using disc assay and minimum lethal concentration methods…

Investigation of dietary fibre in some edible mushrooms from Macedonia

B. Bauer Petrovska, S. Kulevanova, B. Jordanoski, V. Stefov

Analyzes seven kinds of edible wild Macedonian mushrooms for their total dietary fibre (TDF) content, according to the official Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC…

Compositional and shelf‐life properties of soy‐yogurt using two starter cultures

O.A. Ashaye, L.B. Taiwo, S.B. Fasoyiro, C.A. Akinnagbe

An investigation was carried out to evaluate the compositional and shelf‐life properties of soy‐yogurt using two starter cultures. Soy‐yogurt with 20 per cent starter culture was…

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