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Work-task types, stages, and information-seeking behavior of strategic planners

Yuelin Li, Ying Li, Ying Pan, Hongliang Han

The purpose of this paper is to examine information-seeking behavior (ISB) of strategic planners in enterprise across different work-task types and stages.


Research data management and research data literacy in Slovenian science

Polona Vilar, Vlasta Zabukovec

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the differences between scientific disciplines (SDs) in Slovenia in research data literacy (RDL) and research data management (RDM) to…


Authoring social reality with documents: From authorship of documents and documentary boundary objects to practical authorship

Isto Huvila

In the context of organisation studies, Shotter and colleagues have used the notion of practical authorship of social situations and identities to explain the work of managers and…

Literature practices: processes leading up to a citation

Nikolai Klitzing, Rink Hoekstra, Jan-Willem Strijbos

Literature practices represent the process leading up to the citation of a source, and consist of the selection, reading and citing of sources. The purpose of this paper is to…


The cognitive authority of user-generated health information in an online forum for girls and young women

Noora Hirvonen, Alisa Tirroniemi, Terttu Kortelainen

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of one particular online discussion forum as a potentially authoritative health information source for its users. The concept of…


Documenting acousmatic music interpretation: Profiles of discourse across multiple dimensions

Guillaume Boutard, François-Xavier Féron

Extending documentation and analysis frameworks for acousmatic music to performance/interpretation, from an information science point of view, will benefit the transmission and…

Academic communities: The role of journals and open-access mega-journals in scholarly communication

Simon Wakeling, Valerie Spezi, Jenny Fry, Claire Creaser, Stephen Pinfield, Peter Willett

The purpose of this paper is to provide insights into publication practices from the perspective of academics working within four disciplinary communities: biosciences…


Empirical studies of collaborative information seeking: a review of methodological issues

Morten Hertzum, Preben Hansen

Information seeking is often performed in collaborative contexts. The research into such collaborative information seeking (CIS) has been proceeding since the 1990s but lacks…

The foundation of information science: one world or three? A discussion of Gnoli (2018)

Birger Hjørland

The purpose of this paper is to make a critical analysis of the views put forward by Claudio Gnoli (2018) in this paper concerning philosophical problems in library and…


Developing health information literacy in disengaged at-risk populations: Insights to inform interventions

Steven Buchanan, Emma Nicol

The purpose of this paper is to advance our understanding of the challenges of health information literacy (IL) education in disadvantaged and disengaged at-risk populations; and…

A first-person theory of documentation

Tim Gorichanaz

The purpose of this paper is to first articulate and then illustrate a descriptive theoretical model of documentation (i.e. document creation) suitable for analysis of the…

Good news, bad news, and fake news: Going beyond political literacy to democracy and libraries

John Buschman

Library and Information Science (LIS) has seen an explosion of responses to fake news in the aftermath of the 2016 US election, political in nature, eschewing “neutrality”…

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