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Table Of Contents: Volume 74 Issue 3

Feeling documents: toward a phenomenology of information seeking

Patrick Keilty, Gregory Leazer

The purpose of this paper is to present two models of human cognition. The first narrow model concentrates on the mind as an information-processing apparatus, and…

Understanding tag functions in a moderated, user-generated metadata ecosystem

Ayse Gursoy, Karen Wickett, Melanie Feinberg

The purpose of this paper is to investigate tag use in a metadata ecosystem that supports a fan work repository to identify functions of tags and explore the system as a…

Youth information-seeking behavior and online government information

Natalie Greene Taylor

The purpose of this paper is to focus on middle-school-aged young people’s information-seeking behavior and the knowledge and perceptions they have of and about federal…

A context-based study of serendipity in information research among Chinese scholars

Xiaosong Zhou, Xu Sun, Qingfeng Wang, Sarah Sharples

The current understanding of serendipity is based primarily on studies employing westerners as the participants, and it remains uncertain whether or not this understanding…

E-inclusion or digital divide: an integrated model of digital inequality

Biyang Yu, Ana Ndumu, Lorri M. Mon, Zhenjia Fan

The purpose of this paper is to improve understanding of the societal problem of the deepening digital divide by establishing and testing an integrated conceptual…

Pragmatic thought as a philosophical foundation for collaborative tagging and the Semantic Web

Christopher Bruhn, Sue Yeon Syn

The purpose of this paper is to use ideas drawn from two founders of American pragmatism, William James and Charles Sanders Peirce, in order to propose a philosophical…

Not just a pretty picture part two: testing a visual literacy program for young children

Irene Lopatovska, Tiffany Carcamo, Nicholas Dease, Elijah Jonas, Simen Kot, Grace Pamperien, Anthony Volpe, Kurt Yalcin

In an effort to advance visual literacy (VL) education, the purpose of this paper is to develop and test a VL instruction program for 2.5-4-year-old children in a public…

Young parents’ personal and social information contexts for child feeding practices

Heather O’Brien, Devon Greyson, Cathy Chabot, Jean Shoveller

The purpose of this paper is to utilize McKenzie’s two-dimensional model of information practices to situate child feeding practices as complex, socially situated…

Multiplayer online role-playing as information retrieval and system use: an ethnographic study

J. Tuomas Harviainen, Amon Rapp

The purpose of this paper is to expand the research of games as information systems. It illustrates how significant parts of massively multiplayer online role-playing…

“I should like you to see them some time”

Victoria Stobo, Kerry Patterson, Kristofer Erickson, Ronan Deazley

The inability of cultural institutions to make available digital reproductions of collected material highlights a shortcoming with the existing copyright framework in a…

Response to Cult of the “I”

Jan Michael Nolin, Ann-Sofie Axelsson, Alen Doracic, Claes Lennartsson, Annemaree Lloyd, Gustaf Nelhans

The purpose of this paper is to respond to an earlier article in the Journal of Documentation: The Cult of the “I”.



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