Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: Volume 93 Issue 9


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Table of contents - Special Issue: Research & Education in Aircraft Design (READ/EWADE Symposium)

Guest Editors: Tomasz Goetzendorf-Grabowski

Impact of actuators backlash on the helicopter control during landing on the moving vessel deck

Sebastian Topczewski, Marcin Żugaj, Przemyslaw Bibik

The purpose of this paper is to test the performance of the control system developed for the helicopter automatic approach and landing on the moving vessel deck, when different…

Aircraft control with the use of model reference adaptive control

Grzegorz Henryk Kopecki

Indirect (fly-by-wire) control systems for general aviation aircraft and unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV) control systems enable the decoupling of control surfaces. This method of…

Comparative fatigue properties estimation of composite structural nodes

Miroslaw Rodzewicz

The purpose of this paper is to present the concept of the author’s method of fatigue properties assessment of polymer composite structures, especially structures having nodes of…

The use of FEA and semi-empirical equations for weight estimation of a passenger aircraft

Mariusz Kowalski, Zdobyslaw Jan Goraj, Bartłomiej Goliszek

The purpose of this paper is to present the result of calculations that were performed to estimate the structural weight of the passenger aircraft using novel technological…


CFD simulation of engine nacelle cooling on pusher configuration aircraft

Aleksander Olejnik, Adam Dziubiński, Łukasz Kiszkowiak

The purpose of this paper is to simulate with in-depth reconstruction of existing geometry a process of cooling of the aircraft engine in pusher configuration, which is more…

Simulation of a passenger aircraft flight with the wing tip cut

Zdobyslaw Jan Goraj, Mariusz Kowalski, Łukasz Kiszkowiak, Aleksander Olejnik

The purpose of this paper is to present the result of simulations that were performed to assess the uncontrolled motion of the passenger aircraft following its wing tip was…

Air combat training – high energy at lowest cost

Georges Bridel, Zdobyslaw Jan Goraj, Łukasz Kiszkowiak, Jean-Georges Brévot, Jean Pierre Devaux, Cezary Szczepański, Petr Vrchota

The purpose of this paper is to reduce the exploitation cost below the standard supersonic training aircraft. The idea will benefit from the latest aerodynamic software and modern…

Results of simulation and scaled flight tests performed on a rocket-plane at high angles of attack

Agnieszka Kwiek, Cezary Galinski, Krzysztof Bogdański, Jaroslaw Hajduk, Andrzej Tarnowski

According to the study of the space flight market, there is a demand for space suborbital flights including commercial tourist flights. However, one of the challenges is to design…

Unmanned aircraft automatic flight control algorithm in an Immelmann manoeuvre

Tomasz Rogalski, Paweł Rzucidło, Stanisław Noga, Jacek Prusik

The purpose of this paper is to present the idea of automatic flight control algorithms capable of performing an Immelmann turn manoeuvre automatically. This is a case of a…

Sensitivity factors of aircraft mass for the conceptual design

Anatolii Kretov

The purpose of this work is to further develop the methodology for calculating the aircraft take-off mass and its main functional components for the conceptual analysis and…

Vibration analysis of an aviation engine turbine shaft shield

Stanisław Noga, Kaja Maciejowska, Tomasz Rogalski

This paper aims to deal with the problem of vibration in an aircraft engine turbine shaft shield. The physical model of the system under study is inspired by the PZL-10W aviation…

Regular graph-based free route flight planning approach

Sławomir Samolej, Grzegorz Dec, Dariusz Rzonca, Andrzej Majka, Tomasz Rogalski

The purpose of this study is to provide an alternative graph-based airspace model for more effective free-route flight planning.


Safety analysis of the optionally-piloted airplane landing

Jacek Pieniazek, Piotr Ciecinski

This study aims to optionally-piloted aircraft is useful for in-flight tests of new automatic controller’s concepts. The safety of this kind of experiment is an issue addressed in…

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