Europe: ready for changes?

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology

ISSN: 0954-0911

Article publication date: 28 June 2011



(2011), "Europe: ready for changes?", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 23 No. 3.



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Europe: ready for changes?

Article Type: Industry news From: Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Volume 23, Issue 3

A paper from Bernard Bismuth (France), Michael Gasch (Germany), Augusto Meozzi (Italy) and Rex Rozario OBE (UK).


The question about the future that the European printed circuit board (PCB) industry may have and whether Europe is ready for a change prompted Bernard Bismuth, Michael Gasch, Augusto Meozzi and Rex Rozario OBE to write this paper and to try to find an answer (Figure 1).

All four of us have a long working experience in this industry. The PCB is a truly European product as it was invented here by Dr P. Eisler with whom Rex Rozario O.B.E. worked for a number of years.

We call this paper: “Europe: ready for changes?”

Based on the actual behaviour of all the actors (politicians, customers, companies, organizations, etc.), we are afraid having to state that in ten years time, the PCB industry may disappear in Europe. This in turn will create a kind of avalanche effect and will influence many other segments of the electronics manufacturing supply chain.

If changes will not come into effect fast then our view about the situation in which this industry is in would confirm our pessimism. The PCB has strategic importance as it is a critical component connecting all other electronic devices and has to be assessed as such.

The conclusion of our paper is that this subject is a clear “Case study” and example for all other European industries and it shows clearly that things must change in Europe rapidly. We also believe, that it is the right time for writing this article as business improved in our industry in 2010 and thus, we may gain more time to develop further possibilities and alternatives for preparing a better future.

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