Intertronics announces new range of video magnifiers

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Article publication date: 1 August 2000




(2000), "Intertronics announces new range of video magnifiers", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 12 No. 2.



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Intertronics announces new range of video magnifiers

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Intertronics has announced a new range of video magnifiers for inspection, training, documenting or any application demanding magnification and recording in high resolution colour or black and white.

CTI/VTEK video magnifiers are unique for their ease of use and versatility. Electronic brightness and contrast enhancements provide quality of images that cannot be matched by optical magnifiers.

The CTI/VTEK range is produced by the world's largest manufacturer of video magnifiers, and Intertronics' customers reap the resulting benefits of high quality and economical purchase price. Optical and mechanical subsystems are designed and manufactured jointly to produce self-contained and powerfully optimised systems.

Three models are available - the Spectra, Rainbow and Classic.

The Spectra is the most versatile of all the CTI/VTEK magnifiers. Its video system prevents the operator fatigue normally associated with bending over optical devices. In addition, multiple viewers can see and compare the same image simultaneously. The use of an optional video capture card enables screen images to be downloaded to a PC, and images can be inserted into training and other materials and even e-mailed. A high depth of field keeps items in focus and minimises the need for frequent re-adjustments, whilst a large field of view improves throughput and efficiency. The system's controls are intuitive and minimise the need for special operator training.

Other valuable features include dual-colour, high-contrast modes, S-Video output, internal fiuorescent lighting, constant focus lens and a lockable x-y movable table. Spectra allows for a choice of monitor solutions including high-end VTEK monitors, or customers' own screens. A large screen TV can also be attached, ideal for training applications.

The Spectra also features three dual-colour, high-contrast modes to improve the viewing of difficult-to-see samples. A microphone option used in conjunction with a VCR allows production of video tapes with soundtracks. The Spectra is priced very economically at £3,590.

The Rainbow (Plate 9) shares many of the features of the Spectra but is in the format of a self-contained, compact system comprising a CCD colour video camera, 14 inch colour monitor, zoom lens (4x - 50x magnification), illumination system and unique video electronics packaged in an ergonomic housing. It is, again, priced at £3,590.

Plate 9 The Rainbow: one of the new CTI/VTEK video magnifiers from Intertronics

The Classic, the lowest cost magnifier in the new range at £1,910, combines video technology with an even lower purchase price. In common with the Rainbow, it includes a built-in 14" monitor in a one piece package, and is ideal for those applications not requiring colour.

Full details are available from Intertronics on: +44 (0) 1865 842842 or visit

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