ISP introduces Nuosept® BIC high-performing formaldehyde-free biocide to the European market

Pigment & Resin Technology

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Article publication date: 5 July 2011



(2011), "ISP introduces Nuosept® BIC high-performing formaldehyde-free biocide to the European market", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 40 No. 4.



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ISP introduces Nuosept® BIC high-performing formaldehyde-free biocide to the European market

ISP introduces Nuosept® BIC high-performing formaldehyde-free biocide to the European market

Article Type: New products From: Pigment & Resin Technology, Volume 40, Issue 4

ISP today announced the launch of Nuosept® BIC, a high-performing formaldehyde-free in-can preservative offered as a “drop-in” replacement to formaldehyde-containing preservatives previously used in Europe for protection against microorganisms. The water-based, zero VOC, formaldehyde-free preservative contains three active substances (BIT, IPBC, CMIT/MIT) that work synergistically to preserve products against a broad variety of microorganisms. Engineered with quick kill activity, ISP will market Nuosept® BIC as a universal biocide for wet-state preservation, with the added benefit of plant hygiene. The new biocide formulation has been made commercially available in Europe for formulators of paints, coatings, adhesives, ready mix building materials and construction chemicals that seek to market Ecolabel compliant products without compromising the quality of wet-state preservation.

According to Gilles Pradier, Industry Manager, Paints & Coatings Market EMEA, the changing market dynamics for biocides presented ISP with an opportunity to formulate new products that better serve the needs of formulators, and at the same time, fulfill regulatory requirements. “Formulating Nuosept® BIC as an Eu-Ecolabel compliant, water-based dispersion with excellent performance and efficiency has provided the paints and coatings industry a wet-state preservative solution with excellent value propositions,” he said. “The unique combination of BIT, IPBC, CMIT/MIT offers long-term and quick kill activity with very low use levels, allowing for its use as a universal wet-state preservative and plant hygiene technology. Beyond this, the biocide conforms to the European Ecolabel, providing makers of interior and exterior coatings the ability to meet regulatory requirements without formaldehyde donor technology. A major improvement over legacy preservatives, the European paints and coatings industry has several reasons to adopt Nuosept® BIC as a platform preservation technology.”

Profile of an ecolabel compliant preservative

Nuosept® BIC is non corrosive, handled safely (Xi label only) and may be used in interior wall paints without risk of “ghost odor.” The water-based dispersion with broad-spectrum activity requires a lower dose than legacy preservatives. With a viscosity of 2,000 cps and typically used at dosage levels of 0.1-0.25 percent, it is highly efficient at killing bacteria, yeast and molds. As demonstrated in acrylic wall paint, Nuosept® BIC outperformed classical preservatives based on BIT + MIT in offering a broader activity spectrum against microorganisms as well as better quick kill efficacy and a lower cost-to-treat ratio.

Proven quick kill performance for universal application

Formulated for application in wet-state preservation and plant hygiene protection, Nuosept® BIC works to stop microorganisms from developing bio-films within hours (Figure 1). Quick kill is particularly important for manufacturers that want to improve plant hygiene by eradicating the causative microorganisms at the beginning of the manufacturing process. The preservative effect continues, providing long-term efficacy for in-can protection.

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