Precise and fast – color matching with the Glasurit COLOR-PROFI system

Pigment & Resin Technology

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Article publication date: 1 December 2004




(2004), "Precise and fast – color matching with the Glasurit COLOR-PROFI system", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 33 No. 6.



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Precise and fast – color matching with the Glasurit COLOR-PROFI system

Precise and fast – color matching with the Glasurit COLOR-PROFI system

Keywords: Coatings technology, Colours technology

What is the primary characteristic of a quality refinish job? The answer is simple: it must look just like the original factory finish. After all, car owners are demanding and have sharp eyes. With the multitude of colors that are currently available, finding precisely the right color is not so easy. Glasurit, which is part of the BASF Coatings group, has the solution. The company has one of the world’s largest and most up-to-date color archives. The second, improved generation of Glasurit’s COLOR-PROFI System (CPS2) is based on this archive and therefore has the power needed to achieve precise color matching. One big advantage is that the system is updated regularly. In fact, CPS2 is updated with current colors three times a year, so that it is always state-of-the-art.

In the past, when the right color was found on the chip, many paint specialists needed to follow up with of a great deal of experimenting. And there was no guarantee that after mixing the color would be identical to that on the chip. But with Glasurit’s CPS2, the match between the chip and the color produced based on the mixing formula is guaranteed since the chips are prepared using genuine Glasurit refinish paint. For the paint technician, this means more reliability, major time savings and substantial material savings.

Overall, CPS2 has nearly 7,500 painted color sample chips that can be held against the vehicle body for direct comparison. The chips are referenced to more than 15,000 colors. This is because the color of one automaker can be exactly the same as a color from a different manufacturer. The COLOR-PROFI System 2 permits the best color match to be found: easily searched – quickly found.

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