Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes introduces unique peelable paint

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Article publication date: 1 October 2004




(2004), "Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes introduces unique peelable paint", Pigment & Resin Technology, Vol. 33 No. 5. https://doi.org/10.1108/prt.2004.12933ead.008



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Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes introduces unique peelable paint

Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes introduces unique peelable paint

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Akzo Nobel has developed a unique temporary paint system which can be peeled off after use. Known as Maskin®, the product can be applied to any non-porous surface – such as a vehicle body or windows – without risk of damage to the original finish. Quickly and easily removed, it is ideal for either protection or promotional purposes.

Devised from the latest waterborne technology, Maskin (a combination of the words mask and skin) is available in eight basic colors, plus one transparent film, and can be mixed to create a wide spectrum of shades. When no longer required, the film can be peeled and disposed of using standard paint waste removal methods.

“As the biggest paint company in the world, Akzo Nobel Coatings is always striving to innovate and develop new concepts and technologies for our customers,” said Rudy van der Meer, member of Akzo Nobel’s Board of Management responsible for Coatings. “The introduction of Maskin once again demonstrates our ability to develop unique products and continues our tradition of delivering creative, environmentally responsible paint solutions” (Plate 1).

Plate 1 Akzo Nobel peelable paint

Rinus Rooseboom, General Manager of Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes, added: “Akzo Nobel has long been renowned for its innovative approach and Maskin is an excellent example of our pioneering spirit. Not only is the product itself a breakthrough, but the way in which it was developed is also innovative. A small group of entrepreneurs within Akzo Nobel were given the go-ahead and the support to dedicate 18 months to the project”.

Maskin – which meets all environmental legislative requirements when applied and removed by professional refinishers – is currently available across Western Europe and will eventually be launched on a global basis. Akzo Nobel nv Velperweg, 76 P.O. Box 9300 6800, SB Arnhem, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 26 366 43 43; Fax: +31 26 366 49 40.

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