5th Nutrition and Health Conference, 9-10 December 2004, ExCel Conference Centre – London

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5th Nutrition and Health Conference, 9-10 December 2004, ExCel Conference Centre – London

5th Nutrition and Health Conference, 9-10 December 2004, ExCel Conference Centre – Londonwww.nutritionandhealth.co.uk

This conference attracted a range of delegates from dietitians, those in the food industry, nurses, nutritionists and doctors. The conference was really good value with a low registration fee and covered two days.

It also was complemented with an exhibition and poster display.

The topics are always of current interest, such as the Glycaemic Index (GI), soya and obesity and more information can be obtained from the website: www.alprosoya.co.uk plus at azmina@giplan.com

The conference covered topics on:

Obesity and other non communicable diseases – local responses to global problems?

  • Diet in prevention of chronic diseases – activities and results in Finland from the North Karelia project and beyond, Professor Liisa Valsta, Senior Researcher, Adjunct Professor, National Public Health Institute, Department of Epidemiology and Health Promotion, Nutrition Unit, Mannerheimintie 166, Helsinki, Finland.

  • Medical devices and illustrations of obesity management – the modern day medical management of obesity in primary care, Dr David Haslam, Full Time GP & Chair of the National Obesity Forum.

  • Physical activity in young children – lessons from the EarlyBird study, Professor Terence Wilkin, Peninsula Medical School, Plymouth Campus.

  • Weight management – linking the whole person with behaviour change, Ms Lorna Rapoport, Community and Mental Health Dietitian.

GI – from science to practice

  • The science behind GI – sifting out the sense from non sense, Professor Jeya Henry, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford.

  • Health Benefits of Resistant Starch, Dr Anne Nugent, Nutrition Scientist, The British Nutrition Foundation.

  • The GI plan – a demonstration of GI on practice, Azmina Govindji, Consultant Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian.

Hot topics

  • Can Soya Isoflavones really help with symptoms of the menopause – results of a new meta-analysis, Professor Mindy Kurzer, Director of Graduate Studies – Nutrition, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, USA.

Conference services

  • Thursdays meet the expert session with Professor Mindy Kurzer – the role of diet in the menopause.

  • Practical workshop.

  • Enteral/clinical nutrition.

  • The practicalities from hospital to home.

  • Case studies with practical tips & solutions for topical enteral nutrition issues.

  • From screening of at risk patients to practical aspects of feeding.

Hot topics and bottom line answers – from childhood to later life – top tips for your everyday practical use

  • Controversial issues in child nutritionan overview of: weaning, Elaine Farrell, Dietitian & Liz Clark, Senior Speech and Language Therapist, Barts & The London NHS Trust; and ADD/ADHD & autism – Anna Parton, Dietitian, Department of Dietetics and Nutrition, Mayday Hospital, Surrey.

  • Primary & secondary prevention of food allergy, Professor John Warner, University of Child Health, Southampton.

  • The concept of prebioticsa new way to inner health, Professor Glen Gibson, The University of Reading, Reading.

  • Lipids, vitamins and risk of stroke & dementia, Professor Robert Clarke, Oxford University.

  • Diet and rheumatic diseasestreatment & prevention, Dr Dorothy Pattison, Research Fellow, Whitehall II Study, University College London.

  • Role of nutrition in osteoporosis: how diet can help aging bones? Dr Helen MacDonald, University of Aberdeen.

Friday's satellite symposium

  • Nutrition careers and varied approaches to getting the messages across, Chair: Catherine Collins, Chief Dietitian, St. Georges Hospital, London.

<!?h=2pc6>Hear from the daily experiences of the following experts & influencers. Listen to their challenges and be inspired by their opportunities for getting the messages across.

  • Freelance dietitian & fitness consultant – Wendy Martinson

  • Nutrition scientist – Bridget McKeith

  • Dietitian in industry & PR – Elphee Medici

  • Health journalist – Fiona Hunter

  • Dietitian working in a GP practice – Sandy Evans

  • Pharmacist – Pamela Mason

  • 5 a day co-ordinators – Alison MacKay & Helen Dalton-Hare

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