High performance strategy for Sensichips

Microelectronics International

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Article publication date: 20 January 2012



(2012), "High performance strategy for Sensichips", Microelectronics International, Vol. 29 No. 1. https://doi.org/10.1108/mi.2012.21829aaa.006



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High performance strategy for Sensichips

Article Type: Industry news From: Microelectronics International, Volume 29, Issue 1

Sensichips, a new company headed by semiconductors innovator Roberto Simmarano has been launched. The organisation, which is developing safety system microsensors, has been added to the Aero Sekur Group. Providing low power, integrated microsensors for the aerospace and defence sectors, Sensichips is set apart from other sensor companies with its combination of materials science, analytical chemistry and precision analog microelectronics expertise.

Sensichips will work with electronics integrators and OEMs to produce customised, microchip-based sensor systems. A high performance platform differentiates the microsensor developer: applications include aerospace industry mechanical integrity monitoring, robotics and early identification of CBRN hazards.

A track record in innovation for Roberto Simmarano includes microchip development initiatives for Apple, Intel, Philips CE, Nokia and Samsung. Simmarano was also responsible for PMU in the first Apple iPod and launched the world’s first integrated Active Noise Cancelling chip set, for which he holds a key patent. Other design wins into products include the world’s first MP3 music player IC at Diamond MM and Creative Labs.

Measuring just 3×3 mm, the chips offer an integrated microsensor IC platform with low power consumption. Powerful detection capabilities will include chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents. In the field of mechanical integrity, the chips’ applications will include identification of airframe/component strain and/or monitoring structural status.

Commenting on the development that will introduce a new generation of cost effective sensor technology, Aero Sekur’s President Silvio Rossignoli said.

“Aero Sekur has a strong reputation for blue sky thinking and the Sensichips announcement is a significant development that takes the Group into the sensor market and supports our reputation for innovation. The miniature scale of the microsensors will enable the chips to be embedded in a wide range of wearable electronics, paving a development path to smart fabrics with sensor capabilities”.

Roberto Simmarano confirms that the partnership with Aero Sekur gives Sensichips a boost to consolidate its innovative smart sensors platform for demanding aerospace and defence applications. He advises that, as part of its development strategy, the company intends to capitalise efforts tapping into major opportunities for health and security monitoring in medical and consumer markets.

Sensichips srl, Via delle Valli 46, 04011 Aprilia (LT) Italy Tel.: +39 06 92016 533, web site: www.sensichips.com

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