Fully automated Techcon TS3030 dispense robot

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Article publication date: 1 December 2001




(2001), "Fully automated Techcon TS3030 dispense robot", Microelectronics International, Vol. 18 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/mi.2001.21818cad.003



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Fully automated Techcon TS3030 dispense robot

Fully automated Techcon TS3030 dispense robot Keywords: Robots, Techcon systems

The TS3030 production robotic dispense platform from Techcon Systems is a totally flexible and cost effective dispenser that is particularly suited to automating high performance manual dispense applications that use challenging smaller componentry and devices (see Plate 2).

The extremely versatile TS3030 can apply a huge range of fluid materials in any configuration, including fully contoured beads and high precision dots. In addition, when combined with any of Techcon's industry leading family of precision dispense valves and accessories, the TS3030 can be easily customised to meet the exact needs of almost any application including automotive, medical, and electronics.

Plate 2 The TS3030 production robotic dispense platform from Techcon Systems

As such it is the perfect automatic dispense solution that allows manufacturers to eliminate all the inevitable quality control and throughput problems of performing highly repetitive dispense processes by hand.

The TS3030 unit itself features a 300mm x 300mm work area that comprises a sturdy X-Y table and overhead Z-axis gantry arrangement to ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability. It also has a highly compact footprint that allows it to be easily integrated into any workstation or semi-automated production line.

In construction, the TS3030 exploits build components of the highest quality. Each of its three (X,Y,Z) axes, for example, are driven by a closed-loop, five phase DC servo stepper motor that is capable of producing a resolution accuracy to b175p (or b13mil) and a repeatability of just b125p (b1lmil).

Accuracy and repeatability are further enhanced by the use of high precision, Teflonae coated stainless steel lead screws that are usually used only on top end systems priced way beyond the highly economic entrance-level cost of the TS3030.

In electronics production, for example, this includes being able to dispense exact, perfectly shaped 250p (lOmil) dots of adhesive or solder paste at very high speeds of five or more dots per second, without loss of accuracy or consistency (application example used Techcons industry leading TS5000 rotary microvalve fitted to the TS3030).

The TS3030 also offers all the features of a large conventional X-Y dispensing machine, while its flexible, modular design allows users to add only the features they need, as and when required, without having to pay for those they don't. Feature options include vision alignment, automatic height sensing and rotary valve controllers.

The PC-controlled TS3030 is also exceptionally easy to use and programme thanks to Techcon92's extremely powerful specialist dispense software, Techonsoft.

This offers a Windows-based operating environment that runs from an external PC. The TS3030 is a highly versatile and cost effective platform that delivers a high speed, high accuracy dispense performance that is way beyond the capabilities of any manual operator or process.

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