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Measuring Business Excellence

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Article publication date: 1 September 2004



(2004), "Focus on the Web", Measuring Business Excellence, Vol. 8 No. 3.



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Focus on the Web

Focus on the Web

Electronic publisher The OutsourcingCenter's ever-expanding suite of resources corresponds directly with the expansion and growth of outsourcing culture. is another in the publisher's list that is almost replete in its coverage of outsourced business practice. Stresses that, to outsource effectively, you must benchmark current practices first – knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of its own company assists the organization to develop a successful relationship with an outsourcer. Takes visitors through the reasons for outsourcing and how and why benchmarking the existing business is so crucial before going outside. Provides assistance on what to benchmark, tools and tips, and the benefits yielded. Invites visitors to join a discussion group to share benchmarking knowledge and scenarios, check out prospective outsourcers and get answers to benchmarking FAQs. With all information accessible from the home page, navigation is a breeze.

The QPR proprietary site promotes its wide range of software products, all of which are targeted toward performance and quality management. QPR's products can be tailored to performance measurement efforts that include balanced scorecard, six sigma, activity-based costing, the management of quality compliant to ISO standards, and even the measurement of corporate intellectual capital. Visitors can sign up for free online trial of QPR software products and download free evaluation versions. The site is not restricted to the promotion of these software products, however, and also includes free access to white papers and case studies on some of the performance measurement methods that it advocates. A generally useful tool for getting acquainted with performance measurement techniques.

The Quality Management Principle Site

This site developed by Krister Forsberg provides a clear and concise definition of the principles of quality management, the ISO 9000 family of international quality standards and states how to apply the principles to existing management practices. This well designed site also incorporates a "forum" discussion area and encourages participation and discussion of quality issues.

Quality Management Links

Access to a large collection of quality information including some great online texts. Pages do contain a large amount of graphics so if you accessing over a slow connection, things may take a while to download. The pages contain some great pointers to begin some research. This site is one for the bookmarks file.

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