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Article publication date: 1 June 2004



(2004), "Focus on books", Measuring Business Excellence, Vol. 8 No. 2.



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Focus on books

Focus on books

A project-by-project approach to quality: a practical handbook for individuals, teams and organizationsCapper, R.Gower1999ISBN: 0566079259£55.00Book

Explains how to set up and manage quality projects, how to get other people involved and committed, and how to make project meetings more productive. Contains much useful material but makes no mention (in the index) of key subject areas such as learning and knowledge management, or of organizational issues associated with power and responsibility. Fails to recognize that quality requires a positive approach to sharing knowledge.Reference: MBR/25/875Long Range Planning, (UK), August 1999

Quality management (principles and techniques) (4th edn)Vorley, G. and Tickle, F.Quality Management and Training Publications2002ISBN: 0952839172£29.00Book

Covers quality management systems, quality improvements and quality issues. Deals with the philosophies of key quality gurus and quality improvements, initiatives and techniques, and focuses on quality issues related to super quality assurance, statistical quality, cost of quality and computer aided quality assurance. Proves very informative about software, project and quality assurance: the material is easy to follow, and the authors use charts, tables and flow diagrams throughout. Targets newcomers and experienced quality professionals alike, but all need a basic understanding of statistics to benefit from the book.Reference: MBR/28/746Quality Progress, (USA), July 2002

Successful TQM: inside stories from European quality award winnersZink, K.J. (Ed.)Gower1997ISBN: 0470237260$39.95Book

Constitutes more than just a rehearsal of the frequently published stories of the companies which win, win and win again. Features some of the "usual suspects" – D2D, TNT, Milliken – but it also includes articles on KLM's quality journey, and others. Contains ten case studies, each written by those intimately involved with the company's implementation, allowing greater detail and deeper insights than can often be the case with a book by a single author. Includes an opening chapter outlining the basic concepts of TQM, and how the European model works.Reference: MBR/24/48Managing Service Quality, (UK), Vol. 7 No. 4, 1997

Managing with total quality management – theory and practiceWilkinson, A., Redman, T., Snape, E. and Marchington, M.Macmillan1998ISBN: 0333620062£47.50Book

Forms an excellent introduction to total quality management (TQM) which deserves to be read by anyone with an interest in the subject, from whatever background. Gives the rationale behind TQM and how it contributes to competitive advantage. Furnishes detailed case studies of TQM in practice, with examples from local government, manufacturing, financial services, food retailing and an entrepreneur-led small firm. Presents a fresh perspective on several aspects of TQM and is marred only slightly by a number of typographical errors.Reference: MBR/24/818International Journal of Manpower, (UK), Vol. 19 No. 5, 1998

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