Hospital sector moving forward with building a framework for executive (Canada)

Leadership in Health Services

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Article publication date: 27 April 2012




(2012), "Hospital sector moving forward with building a framework for executive (Canada)", Leadership in Health Services, Vol. 25 No. 2.



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Hospital sector moving forward with building a framework for executive (Canada)

Article Type: News and views From: Leadership in Health Services, Volume 25, Issue 2

Keywords: Healthcare professional retention programmes, Executive compensation, Evidence-based practice, Health care accountability

Fair compensation for hospital employees – including executives – is an important component to attracting and retaining the talented health care professionals Ontario’s health system needs and deserves. Appropriate compensation can only be fair if it is informed by evidence and remains completely transparent.

Recently, a Report of the Independent Expert Panel on Executive Compensation in the Hospital Sector pointed to the importance of developing a framework for executive compensation among Ontario’s hospital sector – one that would help facilitate the use of evidence-based practices and transparency in compensation-related decisions. The Ontario Hospital Association’s (OHA) Board of Directors unanimously accepted the Panel’s recommendation and immediately passed a motion to begin developing a framework in an open and transparent fashion.

As part of their efforts to create a more expansive culture of transparency, Ontario’s hospitals proactively disclosed their executive contracts. This is just one of example of the sector’s commitment to improving accountability, and it builds on their initial request in 2009 to have freedom of information legislation extended to their organisations.

The hospital sector’s next step is to create a clear, standardised framework for setting executive compensation – one that is aligned with leading practices, and reflects the public service mission and prevailing economic circumstances. By ensuring that these principles are reflected in all hospitals’ executive compensation plans, we will enhance public confidence in these leaders and the important work they do.

Work on developing a sound framework for hospital executive compensation is well underway, and our goal is to have it finalised and approved shortly. The OHA will then take steps to support its adoption across all hospitals.

Ontario’s hospitals know that some fair questions have been asked about hospital executive compensation in recent months. The Independent Expert Panel’s review was set up to address this, and hospitals are responding. As always, the goal of all Ontario hospitals is to continually improve their publics’ confidence in their highly valued health system.

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