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Patent abstracts

Article Type: Patent abstracts From: Industrial Robot: An International Journal, Volume 38, Issue 5

Title: Mobile robotic vehicle with tracks and rear flippers and method for operating such a vehicleApplicant: Irobot Corp (USA); Rudakevych Pavlo E. (USA)Patent number: WO 2010068198 (A1)Publication date: June 17, 2010


A mobile robot includes a robot chassis having a forward end, a rearward end and a center of gravity. The robot includes a driven support surface to propel the robot and first articulated arm rotatable about an axis located rearward of the center of gravity of the robot chassis. The arm is pivotable to trail the robot, rotate in a first direction to raise the rearward end of the robot chassis while the driven support surface propels the chassis forward in surmounting an obstacle, and to rotate in a second opposite direction to extend forward beyond the center of gravity of the robot chassis to raise the forward end of the robot chassis and invert the robot endwise.

Title: Two-wheeled robot with enhanced climbing featuresApplicant: Reconrobotics Inc. (USA); Kossett Alex J (USA); Burt Ian T (USA); Carlson Casey R (USA); Drenner Andrew (USA)Patent number: WO 2010068704 (A2)Publication date: June 17, 2010


A robot has an electronic surveillance system embedded within a chassis disposed between two wheels. The wheels include a main body and a plurality of treads. The treads are generally disposed radially around the main body and extend distally from outer portion of the main body. The main body generally defines a plurality of compression cells and may present a substantially frustoconical outer surface.

Title: Moving mechanism of hydraulic drive four-leg robot with barycenter adjusting deviceApplicant: Univ. ShandongPatent number: CN 101811525 (A)Publication date: August 25, 2010


The invention relates to a moving mechanism of a hydraulic drive four-leg robot with a barycenter adjusting device, which comprises a body, a moving bracket, a barycenter adjusting device and four robot legs, wherein the lower part of the body is provided with the four robot legs; and the upper part of the body is connected with the moving bracket with the barycenter adjusting device. The moving mechanism is characterized as follows: first, the robot has larger loading capability due to hydraulic drive; second, the robot has higher complex terrain environment adaptability and obstacle-climbing capability as each leg has four active joints and has redundant degree of freedom; third, the robot has better stability due to the barycenter adjusting device and no additional counter weight; and (4) the robot has simpler structure and is easily machined as the 16 active joints thereof completely adopt the same hydraulic servo oil cylinder drive. The moving mechanism is suitable for the transportation of military and civil materials, anti-terrorist equipment, field prospection and exploration, planetary detection, agricultural production and the like under the complex terrain environment.

Title: Search-and-rescue robot for underground mineApplicant: Shenyang Siasun Robot & Automa (CHINA)Patent number: CN 201305046 (Y)Publication date: September 9, 2009


The utility model relates to a search-and-rescue robot for underground mine, belonging to the technical field of robot. The structure of the robot is as follows: the robot comprises an explosion-resistant enclosure, two sets of symmetrical running systems, an arm-swinging system and a control system which are, respectively, independent, wherein the driving mechanisms of the control system, the running systems and the arm-swinging system are arranged in the explosion-resistant enclosure, the control system is connected with the driving mechanisms, a mechanical cradle head and an optical fiber-discharging device are arranged above the explosion-resistant enclosure, the optical fiber of the optical fiber-discharging device is connected with the control system, and the mechanical cradle head is internally provided with a sensor group which is electrically connected with the control system with the drive plate of the cradle head. The utility model adopts the static overbalance model explosion-resistant enclosure so as to improve the moving ability of the robot when reaches the static overbalance. By adopting the driving mechanisms with four independent arms, the posture of the robot can be exactly controlled, and the adaptive capacity and the obstacle-climbing ability of the robot to complex terrains are improved. By adopting on-vehicle optical fiber mode, the optical fiber is freely discharged, and the influence on the moving ability of the robot which is caused by the rubbing and being locked by cables is reduced.

Title: Multifunctional rescuing and barrier-breaking robotApplicant: Univ. Wuhan Tech.Patent number: CN 101845832 (A)Publication date: September 9, 2010


The invention provides a multifunctional rescuing and barrier-breaking robot which is characterized in that a barrier-breaking mechanism is arranged in front of a robot body, a shovel mechanism for breaking barriers to walk on as well as carrying and transferring articles is arranged at the rear of the robot body, crawler traveling mechanisms are arranged at two sides below a chassis of the robot body, and an electric control board control unit for controlling the robot to actuate is arranged on the chassis; the barrier-breaking mechanism is used for breaking barriers by turning the head when the robot meets barriers; the barrier-breaking mechanism is provided with two circular saws and two cone drills which are, respectively, used for achieving the works of breaking barriers, respectively, under the driving of a motor; and the shovel mechanism is provided with a shovel with lifting and overturning function. The invention can implement functions of breaking barriers, carrying and moving, searching and rescuing, positioning at the real time, loading rescue goods, and the like under the long-distance control in a plurality of sudden disaster accidents and more hostile environments so as to realize fast rescuing and has the advantages of small size, high flexibility, more practical functions, and the like.

Title: Composite movable reconnaissance robot deviceApplicant: Univ. ZhejiangPatent number: CN 101797888 (A)Publication date: August 11, 2010


The invention discloses a composite movable reconnaissance robot device. The invention uses a wheel-type reconnaissance robot as a carrier, merges the motion advantages of a wheel-type mechanism, a crawler mechanism and a legged mechanism, has the advantages of rapid movement, strong obstacle surmounting capability, and the like, replaces or aids people to enter danger environment for reconnaissance work and lightens the damage of the danger environment to human bodies. The invention can be applied to the reconnaissance and danger and explosion removal work of armed police and police officers or applied to armies for the work of ground reconnaissance, wound rescue, aided attack, and the like.

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