Modern Welding Technology 5/e

Industrial Robot

ISSN: 0143-991x

Article publication date: 1 August 2004




Cary, H.B. (2004), "Modern Welding Technology 5/e", Industrial Robot, Vol. 31 No. 4, pp. 376-376.



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Modern Welding Technology aims to provide the reader with the knowledge required to select the correct welding solution to increase manufacturing productivity.

The first chapter of the book gives a background to welding and discusses the importance of welding, the historical development of welding, the welding industry, and the future of welding. Chapter 2 addresses the Fundamentals of Welding, while Chapters 3 and 4 discuss Welding Personnel, Training and Certification; and Safety and Health of Welders, respectively.

Gas tungsten arc welding and carbon arc welding are amongst the topics discussed in Chapter 5, Arc Welding with a Nonconsumable Electrode. Chapter 6, Arc Welding with a Consumable Electrode, addresses topics including metal transfer across the arc, flux‐cored arc welding, and electroslag welding. The following three chapters discuss Gas Welding, Brazing, Soldering and Solid‐State Welding; Resistance, Electron Beam, and Laser Beam Welding and Cutting; and Welding‐Related Processes.

Chapters 10‐12 relate to welding technology and present Power Sources for Arc Welding; Other Welding Equipment; and Mechanized, Automated and Robotic Arc Welding. The following six chapters relate to the materials and techniques used for welding. These include Electrodes and Filler Metals; Gases Used in Welding; Welding Steels; Welding Nonferrous Metals; and Welding Special and Dissimilar Metals.

Chapters 19 and 20 discuss Design for Welding, and the Cost of Welding, respectively. Quality Control and Evaluation of Welds; Welding Specification, Procedures and Qualifications; and Welding Problems and Solutions, are amongst the topics presented in Chapters 21‐25. The final chapter of the book discusses Special Welding Applications, and includes sheet metal welding, one‐sided welding, underwater welding, and welding in space.

Modern Welding Technology is a comprehensive reference text on welding. Its easy to read style makes it accessible to people from a variety of backgrounds, and the proliferation of illustrations helps keep it interesting and relevant.

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