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Keywords: Kawasaki, Robots

This page is part of the AIMS product catalogue and gives the specifications of a number of Kawasaki robots. The full line-up of models are suitable for almost any type of work, from the assembly of small object to the handling of heavy cargoes. AIMS are suppliers to local and international companies and are associated with BMW, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Nissan, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Ford and Renault.

Overall this is a clearly presented site which contains plenty of detailed company and product information. Descriptions of the different sections can all be found on the site along with what they intend to contain in the future. corporation - high speed assembly robots

Keyword: Assembly, Robots

Located in Taiwan and having 36 employees, the Sholytsu Corporation was established in 1985. They aim to provide all the key components and production equipment for their customers. Their high speed assembly robots utilise multitasking, a better debugging environment for PC control and the teaching pendant, and PCMCIA memory cards.

The site contains a product inquiry form and by registering for a Buyer ID, data sheets, price quotes, sample availability and price, delivery lead time and payment terms can be obtained. Corporation

Keyword: Denso

This website is available in both English and Japanese. The new HC series are 4-axis horizontal articulated type robots, each having an 450 mm arm. These small robots are powerful enough to bear 5kg of weight and have position repeatability accuracy of +0.025mm.

Overall, another informative and well presented site which includes corporation information, its history, customers and products. Central Engineering

Keyword: Robotics

SAO Central Engineering was established in 1982 and conceives, designs, fabricates, assembles, tests, integrates, operates and maintains state-of-the-art instrumentation for astronomical and astrophysical data collection. They have been involved in a number of projects; based within the observatory and with outside agencies such as NASA.

High Accuracy Robotics and Positioning Systems (HECTOSPEC) are one of six new scientific instruments currently under development at SAO for use with the converted Multiple Mirror Telescope (MMT) at the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory, Mt. Hopkins. The instrument consists of two major components, a fibre positioner and spectrograph, plus an electronics control rack.

This site is easy to navigate, very sophisticated and includes some nice pictures. FA High Speed Assembly Robots

Keyword: Robots, Assembly, High speed

Sony FA's ultra-precision technology has been the driving force behind the company's successful achievements in creating smaller and better performing products. The high speed, accuracy and operational ease of the robots have been condensed in the newly developed controller and are suitable for a wide variety of tasks. Their robots include the SCARA type high-speed assembly robot, SRX-611 robot controller, SRX-C61 Cartesian type high-speed assembly robot and the SRX-651. This is a good site overall and is very easy to navigate. It is available in both English and Japanese. TechTracS Technologies

Keyword: NASA

This page contains an abstract for an article which was published in the NASA Tech Brief, May, 1986, Volume 10, Issue 3, Page 126 and was written by the California Institute of Technology. The paper introduces an algorithm for calibrating robot arms.

NASATechTracS contains text and images from all 11 NASA centres and TechFinder, a database search engine, is updated within minutes of any changes made at a NASA Field Center. This is a very useful site. Automation Systems Home Page

Keyword: Automation, Robots, FANUC

Fastems is part of the Helvar-Merca Group and is one of the leading customised robot system suppliers in Nordic countries. System solutions have been achieved using a variety of robots but now use FANUC robots to ensure reliability and productivity with outstanding accuracy.

This is a well presented site.

HOT SITES Research and Robotics

Keyword: Kawasaki, Robotics, Research

The Kawasaki Js Series robots are intended for small to medium duty, high speed, high accuracy applications within a flexible workplace. These robots handle an impressive payload with capabilities allowing them to bend over backwards. This feature enables them to work in a very large, spherical area. The Js series robot utilises sealed construction allowing it to work under the most difficult and undesirable conditions. All wiring and piping for motors, encoders, and tooling are built into the arm and hidden inside the robot structure to eliminate application interference. Js Series robots are available for floor, ceiling or wall mounting installation.

A superb site with plenty of information. SA - Robotic Products

Keyword:Robotics, Assembly

This Swiss company was established in 1982 and is a manufacturer of custom machines for precision assembly and a developer of custom robotic devices. They create individual production cells and complete production systems, including: precision assembly, over-moulding and microsystems assembly. Their standard robotic products consist of portable and mini robots, precision robots 1 mm and robot controllers.

This impressive website is informative and easy to navigate. It contains company information, details of their robotic products and machines for assembly, conferences they have attended and it is all available in English, French and German.

Jon Rigelsford

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