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Internet page End Composites

Keywords: Composites, Fabrication

North End Composites has over 20 years of experience in turning our customers' projects from the earliest stages of theoretical development through to the realisation of the final project. North End Composites utilises revolutionary techniques and innovative thinking and a sound understanding of the ever changing technologies involved in composite fabrication.

North End specialises in composite fabrication for marine molds and part production, architectural uses, industrial and commercial projects, thermoforming molds, transportation, anti-corrosion and equipment enclosures. Technological procedures utilised by them include SCRIMP™, hand lay-up, spray lay-up, RTM, press molding, vacuum bagging and rapid prototyping from CAD file to CNC output. North End Composites now also have a 30 x 15 x 6 foot Motion Master, a five-axis CNC Machining for pattern making.

This site is well laid out and clearly presents the company's interests.

Keywords: Composites, Suppliers provides free composites weekly news, composite materials suppliers directory and more, in order to create an online future for the composite materials industry. This is a useful site for anyone who is searching for a company which is involved with composite materials. NDTnet, November 1997, Vol. 2 No. 11

Keywords: Composites, Fabrication, Thermoplastics

This Web page contains a paper on "Non-contact ultrasonic techniques for process control of composite fabrication", written by B. Boro Djordjevic and Robert E. Green Jr.

The paper addresses the monitoring of the final consolidation process for both thermoset and thermoplastic composites.

The two parameters currently routinely monitored for these materials are the temperature and the pressure applied to the filaments, tows, or laminates. This is commonly achieved with conventional thermocouples and pressure gauges. A dielectric sensor mounted between two composite plys in autoclave curing which measures the ionic conductivity is also routinely used to monitor the cure process. Contact or water coupled ultrasonics, non-contact ultrasonics, laser ultrasonics and developing systems are discussed. Non-contact ultrasonic techniques for process control of composite fabrication are covered, along with a Bibliography. Technologies

Keywords: Composites, Fabrication

Anholt Technologies manufactures composite products for medical, industrial and commercial aerospace applications. They provide design, prototyping, process research and development and testing services. The fabrication group's low-cost large component manufacturing capabilities include VARTM, hand lay-up and spray-up. Advanced manufacturing includes compression molding, RTM and vacuum bag/oven cure using a variety of fibres, resin systems and core materials. The research and development group specialises in design for manufacturing, concurrent engineering, laminate design, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), joint design, adhesive bonding, testing and process development.

Product applications have included X-ray translucent structures, flight simulator structures, antenna dishes, aircraft interiors, industrial composites and compression molded components.

This Web site is easy to navigate and is well presented. Unfortunately it contains little information. Journal of Advanced Materials

Keyword: Materials

Sampe is an international journal of processing, science, characterisation, and application of advanced materials. This is an informative Web site which contains online abstract of papers from the journal. Abstracts which can be found on the site include: "Prepreg manufacturing under constant pressure of deformation", "Progressive fracture and damage tolerance of composite pressure vessels", "Comparison of graphite fabric reinforced PMR-15 and Avimid N composites after long-term isothermal ageing at various temperatures", "Laser ply projection installation", "Evaluation of near surface delaminations in composite laminates using the lamb wave amplitude point scan" and "Epoxy resin filled with tire rubber particles modified by plasma surface treatment".

Other titles which may be of interest are "Fatigue evaluation of composite bolted and bonded joints", "Mechanical properties of kenaf bast fiber reinforced epoxy matrix composite panels", "Integrated sensors for in-service health monitoring of glass/resin composites", "Monitoring of the material removal rate in flat lapping", "Flexural behavior of plain concrete beams strengthened with bonded short-fiber composite strips" and "Thermostructural approach for low cost fabrication processing".

Keyword: Composites

A part of, this Web page gives a list of companies providing hand-lay-up services.

Keywords: Robots, Measurement

Found on the Institute of Measurement Science Web site, "Vision-guided intelligent robots for automating manufacturing, materials handling and services" was originally presented at the Workshop on European Scientific and Industrial Collaboration on Promoting Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing, Gerona, Spain, June 1998, by R. Bischoff and V. Graefe. The abstract and keywords are given and the full paper can be downloaded in either Postscript or PDF file formats. LLC Keywords: Robots, Materials handling

The Bid-Service LLC site gives technical information and prices for a number of robots which can be used for material handling. Those listed include KLINGER DCS 750-2, AEROTECH UNIDEX II/2C/DM4005W/SM-O, REICHERT McBAIN X-Y System, EALING Motorised Optics Mounts, ACCUDEX 306, ADE 250-5-7, ASM EPITAXY, ULTRACISION Polar 3, ADEPT AdeptOne Robot, PUMA 700, ASEA 7321, IBM 7575 SCARA Robot and PRI 2000.

Hot sites S.r.I.

Keyword: Handling

Since 1979, Sorind S.r.I. has been producing complete turnkey product handling systems in Italy and Europe. It specialises in designing, manufacturing, assembling and servicing material handling systems and industrial automation. Sorind has offered complete industrial handling plants to the companies in a range of production fields, from food to electronics, and from mechanical to chemical and pharmaceutical. Their engineering department takes care of the customer's requirements, from the lay out definition up to the detailed planning of the handling and assembling lines and assists in the complete development of the proposed solutions and their matching with the existing systems.

Sorind have also designed and produced the Soft Touch conveyor for soft accumulation, complex handling systems and complete plants at the end of production lines upon special requirements of the customer. Soft Touch is most suited for the feeding of packing machines and to handle delicate products, to the multi-row alignments of randomly shaped conveyed items, and to transfer pallets used in robotically controlled systems. Fields of applications for Soft Touch include mechanical, binding and printing, the food industry, electronics and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Sorind can supply conveyance, combination and phasing systems, can conveyance, deviation and accumulation systems, pallet handling (robot feeder) systems, dynamic buffers, storage and packaging line for plastic bottles of different sizes, an automatic system for filling and closing cardboard boxes and a multi-size boxing machine which can be used for flowpack.

This is a very interesting site which contains plenty of company information and is both easy to navigate and well presented. State Applied Research Laboratory

Keywords: Research, Composites, Fabrication

Established in 1945, the Applied Research Laboratory conducts both basic and applied research and technology along with engineering development for scientific, industrial, and defence applications. The Applied Research Laboratory is a Navy-sponsored research facility to advance the Navy's technology base through research and development.

The mission of the Applied Research Laboratory is to serve as a centre of research excellence in undersea science and technology. For applications in marine vehicles it has earned itself a leadership role in the development of composite technology. To support this role, the Applied Research Laboratory has assembled an experienced technical staff, established complete in-house design/analysis, fabrication, and testing facilities, and has developed an extensive network of proven subcontractors.

Technology advancement has occurred in areas including active and passive noise and vibration control using advanced composite materials, development of fabrication techniques capable of producing laminated composite structural components greater than 8 inches thick, development of both strength-based and fracture mechanics-based fatigue test methodologies and life prediction models for complex geometry composite hardware, optimisation of low-cost fabrication techniques such as laminate winding and resin transfer molding for marine and industrial composite structures, and the development of advanced ultrasonic inspection and in situ acoustic emission monitoring techniques.

Overall, this is a very interesting site and is worth a visit.

Jonathan Rigelsford

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