Kinematic and Dynamic Issues in Sensor Based Control

Industrial Robot

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Article publication date: 1 February 2000




(2000), "Kinematic and Dynamic Issues in Sensor Based Control", Industrial Robot, Vol. 27 No. 1.



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Kinematic and Dynamic Issues in Sensor Based Control

Kinematic and Dynamic Issues in Sensor Based Control

G.E. Taylor (Editor)Springer-Verlag1990474 pp.ISBN 3-540-51892-4 and 0-387-51892-4NATO ASI Series - Series F: Volume 57

Keywords: Kinematics, Sensors, Control, Dynamic

Kinematic and Dynamic Issues in Sensor Based Control comprises the proceedings of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Sensory Systems for Robotic Control. This interesting book contains 23 papers and is split into eight sections.

Section 1 addresses modelling techniques: general kinematic and dynamic issues and contains papers on "Sensory-based control: robustness issues and modelling techniques - applications to proximity sensing" and "The inverse function approach to sensor-driven kinematic control of redundant manipulators". Section 2, "Sensor signal processing", covers "Sensor data processing for flexible manufacturing processes", "Self-tuning algorithms in robot joint control and sensor signal processing" and "A sensory data-driven rule-based strategy for error recovery in robotic assembly".

The third section, "Force control", discusses "Hybrid position force control implementation on a parallel manipulator", "Sensor based control of robot movement and force" and "Force-feedback control of parallel kinematics manipulators". Section 4, "Further control topics", includes "Recent advances in experimental robot control", "On the optimal local path planning of robot manipulators" and "Frequency domain analysis of robot joint dynamics".

Sections 5 and 6 cover vision-based control and further kinematic and dynamic issues, respectively. Papers included are "Extracting dense motion information from an image sequence: optic flow estimation and related segmentation issues", "Dynamic vision: theoretical capabilities and practical problems", "Vision sensor integration for direct manipulator end-point control", "Kinematics and dynamics in a hierarchically organised robot control system", "Sonar techniques for autonomous navigation with a mobile robot" and "Pseudomuscular linear actuators: modelling and simulation experiences in the motion of articulated chains".

Two papers, "A decentralized multiprocessor system for control of complex robotized systems" and "Methodologies for multi-sensor system integration: building descriptions to make decisions", have been included in section 7 which addresses computational issues. The final section of the book discusses learning from sensor input and comprises four papers. These are "Redundant robotic manipulators I: regularizing by mechanical impedance", "Redundant robotic manipulators II: learning dynamics via repeated trials", "Applications of sensor based control"; and "Multisensory assembly and error recovery".

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