Full Shell Rimula diesel engine oil now available Europe-wide

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(2000), "Full Shell Rimula diesel engine oil now available Europe-wide", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Vol. 52 No. 4. https://doi.org/10.1108/ilt.2000.01852dad.010



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Full Shell Rimula diesel engine oil now available Europe-wide

Full Shell Rimula diesel engine oil now available Europe-wide

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Shell has now made the full range of Rimula heavy-duty diesel lubricants available across Europe, in a move that recognises the increasing Europeanisation of the transport industry and the need for operators to have access to a consistent portfolio of lubricants across borders (see Plate 6).

The pan-European Rimula family has a new, consistent range of packaging and labelling, making it simple for truck and coach drivers to identify the product they require, wherever they are. The comprehensive range of grades in the Rimula portfolio enables operators to choose the lubricant that best suits their needs, from the robust and reliable "work-horse" mineral oils to the high performance synthetic Rimula Ultra.

Plate 6 Full Shell Rumula diesel engine oil range now available Europewide

Shell Rimula lubricants offer extended oil drain capability, improved fuel economy, engine cleanliness and soot/contaminant handling, and better wear control on start-up. Rimula Ultra, the fully synthetic premium engine oil, has been shown in field tests to offer improved fuel economy through reduced engine friction, improved engine wear protection, and increased lubricant durability, leading to the longest possible drain intervals. According to Eva Rydell, Shell Rimula Product Manager for Europe, the low cold-temperature viscosity and excellent high temperature stability of Rimula Ultra is particularly important as most engine wear occurs on start-up. These properties help to minimise oiling time, so protecting against engine wear - which in turn leads to lower maintenance costs and extended engine lifetime.

Other Rimula grades include Rimula Super HK, a semi-synthetic introduced in 1999 which provides a measure of the same fuel-saving and wear protection benefits of a full synthetic at a more moderate cost; and Rimula Super, an attractively priced premium mineral oil reformulated in 1999 to fulfil a wider range of independent and individual engine manufacturer specifications.

The Rimula range has been formulated for compatibility with engines of all major European, American and Japanese makes, thus offering operators the flexibility they require in choosing a lubricant to suit their equipment. The Shell lubricants R&D team has cooperated with engine manufacturers to ensure the compatibility of the Rimula range with new engine designs.

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