Technology at Your Fingertips

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Article publication date: 1 March 1999




(1999), "Technology at Your Fingertips", Education + Training, Vol. 41 No. 2.



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Technology at Your Fingertips


Technology @ Your Fingertips

National Center for Education Statistics

Keywords Colleges, Information technology, Training

Trying to turn back the tide of information technology is about as futile an exercise as attempting to nail a jellyfish to the ceiling. Computer hardware and software, and the costs of networking, are swallowing up an increasing proportion of the budget of almost all education agencies and institutions ­ and the process is likely to accelerate at the same staggering rate as the development of information technology itself.

Against this background, education institutions ­ like most other organizations ­ are under intense pressure to get the most out of every penny spent on new technology. Technology @ Your Fingertips provides a helping hand.

The book, published by the US National Center for Education Statistics, describes how education institutions and agencies should identify their technology needs, consider the options, acquire the technology and implement a solution that will provide sound technological foundations for the future. It presents, in an easy-to-understand way, information on computer hardware, software and networking, as well as budgetary and resource concerns.

The publication does not provide a single set of specific recommendations. How could it? There are, after all, about as many types of education institution and information-technology need as there are solutions available. The seriously interested will gain significant help in arriving at the right conclusion from the book's copious references to other sources of information.

Technology @ Your Fingertips targets educationalists responsible for setting up computer and networking technology, and those supervising the process of technology implementation.

A copy of the publication may be downloaded from the following website: This begs an important question. If you haven't yet reached the first filling station on the information superhighway, how can you benefit from the mileage ingredient which Technology @ Your Fingertips provides?

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