New Web site helps manufacturers embrace e-business

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Article publication date: 1 June 2000




(2000), "New Web site helps manufacturers embrace e-business", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 72 No. 3.



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New Web site helps manufacturers embrace e-business

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A recently launched Internet portal has been brought to our attention. It is claimed that this site will help manufacturers working in the Aerospace industry harness e-business technology in order to thrive in competitive world markets.

The Web site - - went live following its launch at the BT Tower in London. The site, which has been set up following exhaustive research by parent company, M.S. Taft & Associates Ltd, is initially targeted at manufacturers in London and the South East of the UK. This service we understand is to be extended to the rest of the UK in the following months and eventually will incorporate world markets. The portal serves manufacturers working in all areas, with a specialised service tailored to those working in the Aerospace sector.

In the London area there are approximately 17,000 manufacturers operating out of 27,000 individual factories or workshops. This sector employs over 300,000 people - making it the second largest sector in London after the financial market.

UK-wide there are approximately 144,000 manufacturing outlets with some 100,000 producers having e-mail access. Approximately 50,000 of these have Web presence and eForManufacturers aims to help manufacturers working in all sectors embrace e-business in the twenty-first century.

We found that the Web site offers many novel features and services to its members, who pay an annual subscription; e4man will provide a comprehensive range of services and products to enable manufacturers in all areas exploit the power of the Internet in their business operations.

The site initially offers members the following services:

  • eFair;

  • advantageous purchasing;

  • ebusiness tools;

  • online networking/information.


Following its launch, the e4man site claims to exhibit the first permanent virtual trade show of its kind in the UK. This service displays and promote manufacturers' products and services. Initially, details of the 17,000 London manufacturing organisations are posted, with the remainder of the UK and related businesses being added in the following months.

The eFair enables companies to search the database by product, service or company name. Initially the service will contain text only. However, we are informed that, as the site evolves, photographs and video images will be incorporated. Once fully operational, the eFair hopes to become a powerhouse of information to propagate business to business trading through the Web.

All manufacturers have a presence at eFair. Subscribers are given an option to enhance their presence with the addition of up to 100 searchable keywords and a direct link to their Web sites.

Advantageous purchasing

Working with a number of suppliers and sponsors, eForManufacturers has negotiated a number of special discounts and offers on behalf of subscribers.

eForManufacturers has agreed a full ebusiness partnership with BT in order to offer specialist software and a range of ebusiness tools to manufacturers.

These include:

  • eBusiness tools;

  • store centre - allowing manufacturers to trade online;

  • supply centre - facilitating business to business purchasing, order processing and invoicing;

  • trading places - an opportunity to develop more comprehensive ebusiness trading;

  • business manager - negates the need for manufacturers to purchase expensive software packages, having the facility to access centrally hosted software as and when required.

eForManufacturers is reportedly negotiating with a number of PC suppliers to ensure the best deals for its subscribers.

Online networking/information

Research has shown that companies using the Internet to trade achieve an increase in sales turnover and a reduction in costs.

Subscribers to eForManufacturers are able to access the Internet via a dedicated portal. The Web site allows the user to keep up to date with changes and opportunities within the manufacturing industry. Topics cover issues affecting the manufacturing community, and there are hyperlinks to important sites such as government agencies and commercial sites. In addition eVoice, an online bulletin board enables members to share and exchange views, experiences and opinions.

eForManufacturers' research believes that it has shown that a significant number of SME manufacturers feel isolated, particularly those working away from areas of manufacturing activity. Owner managers and directors of small manufacturing concerns are unable to find the time for networking, visiting exhibitions or attending training seminars. It is this gap that eForManufacturers will fill, enabling the manufacturers to network on the Internet through common interest and user groups.

Visit the Web site at

Details available from eForManufacturers. Tel: +44 (0) 208 239 6175; E-mail:

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