Advanced slip finish

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials

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Article publication date: 1 April 2000




(2000), "Advanced slip finish", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 47 No. 2.



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Advanced slip finish

Advanced slip finish

Keywords: Winkhaus, LVH Coatings, Coatings, Corrosion prevention

When Winkhaus (UK) needed a surface coating, with seemingly conflicting properties, for its new window locking systems they approached LVH Coatings Limited for assistance.

LVH, which produces specialised electrophoretic (or EP) coatings exclusively, report that they adapted their existing Tektor technology to solve the problem. Working closely with Winkhaus they provided exactly the product needed.

The Winkhaus Predator security window locking system is of advanced design using state-of-the-art construction and surface coating materials with high corrosion resistance.

Three lockable vent positions give different levels of trickle ventilation while providing a totally secure system.

Ventilation level is selected by moving the window to the desired opening position and operating a handle to engage rows of teeth in any intermediate position.

The design, and visible nature, of this system demanded an unusual combination of properties from the smart finish specified by Winkhaus.

In addition to being an attractive protective finish the coating needed to provide lubrication, in the form of a high level of surface slip, for smooth operation and elimination of wear.

LVH's Tektor products are a range of dry film lubricants used in a variety of industrial applications. Containing dry lubricants of various types, including PTFE, they are based on polymers designed specifically for electrophoretic application.

Specially produced by LVH for Winkhaus, the new Tektor coating used PTFE as the lubricant, plus other pigments to provide the specified polychromatic Platinum finish. It is also said to provide the right degree of gloss and the necessary corrosion protection for the locking mechanism.

According to LVH in addition to meeting the Winkhaus requirements this combination of a high tech, high quality oven cured finish and lubricant also provided all the economical benefits of the EP process. These, LVH states, include very even, controlled, film thickness, excellent penetration of the coating into normally inaccessible places and almost 100 per cent application efficiency.

After considerable testing the new Tektor product was adopted and is now used, under the trade name of MicaPol, on all Winkhaus Predator security locking systems.

Details available from: LVH Coatings Limited. Tel: +44 (0) 1675 466888.

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