Mobile plant control

Assembly Automation

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(2004), "Mobile plant control", Assembly Automation, Vol. 24 No. 4.



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Mobile plant control

Mobile plant control

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The CitectSCADA Pocket package is available to every purchaser of a CitectSCADA server. Easy to use and configure, it employs standard wireless media, such as GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth or 3G to connect quickly and seamlessly to CitectSCADA, providing authorized operators, maintenance and plant managers with the maximum mobility to remotely monitor and control their plants at any time of the day or night (Plate 2).

The increased benefits in terms of constant plant visibility and increased mobility provided by Citect's pocket SCADA are applicable across all areas of company operations. Plant managers are able to optimize staff utilization, as operators are able to respond to issues more quickly through instant access to plant information anytime, anywhere. Maintenance managers are provided with a tool to remotely monitor an area of the plant where changes have been made to ensure they are effective. Finally, systems integrators can employ remote visualization during testing and system commissioning. This means that such work can be completed much faster.

Plate 2 The Citect SCADA Pocket package

Supplied with preconfigured pages for Alarms, Trends and Variable Tags, CitectSCADA pocket is the most intuitive mobile SCADA solution on the market. It exploits the benefits of Microsoft's latest technologies, running on the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system and using Microsoft.NET Compact Framework and .NET Web Services.

The package ensures secure communications, using WEP data security and encryption, or a virtual private network, to ensure that only authorised users have access to plant. Additional protection is also provided via a login authentication process.

Although applicable across all market sectors, CitectSCADA pocket is particularly relevant as a cost saving tool for companies that operate large manufacturing or process sites or, like water companies, have widely distributed control facilities. In all these cases, engineers are relieved of the costly and time-consuming process of travelling to outlying sites to access data.

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