Gender and Generations: Continuity and Change

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Publication date: 15 March 2021


(2021), "Prelims", Demos, V. and Segal, M.T. (Ed.) Gender and Generations: Continuity and Change (Advances in Gender Research, Vol. 30), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. i-xii.



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Series Editors: Marcia Texler Segal and Vasilikie Demos

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Volume 29: Advances in Women’s Empowerment: Critical Insight from Asia, Africa and Latin America – Edited by Marta Ochman Araceli Ortega-Díaz

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Editorial Advisory Board vii
Editor Biographies ix
About the Contributors xi
Gender and Generations: An Introduction
Marcia Texler Segal and Vasilikie Demos 1
Chapter 1 Gender and Generation in Thinking with Patriarchy
Pavla Miller 15
Chapter 2 Upward and Outward Mobility: Women’s Aspirations for Their Daughters in Urban India
Natascia Boeri 35
Chapter 3 Intergenerational Transmission of Gendered Attitudes among Second-Generation Adolescents: The Role Culture Plays in Modifying the Transmission of Gender Ideology from Immigrant Mothers to Their Children
Ismail Nooraddini 53
Chapter 4 Convergence or Divergence? The Generational Gap in Gender Attitudes, 1977–2018
William J. Scarborough, Deborah Fessenden and Ray Sin 73
Chapter 5 Gender and Generation: Focus on Women Baby Boomers’ Approaches to Retirement
Barbara Kirsh 95
Chapter 6 Gender, Sexual Orientation and Life Course Perspectives on LGBTQ Status
Alexis T. Franzese, Josh M. Kaufmann and Marissa M. Rurka 115
Chapter 7 Modeling Types of Informal Care Dyads by Gender, Primary Condition, and Relative Age
G. J. Hodson 133
Chapter 8 Paid Caregiving: An Extension of Women’s Work
Pamela Monaghan-Geernaert 155
Index 173

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Miriam Adelman

    Universidade do Paraná

    Paraná, Brazil

  • Franca Bimbi

    University of Padua

    Padua, Italy

  • Max Greenberg

    Boston University

    Boston, MA, USA

  • Marla Kohlman

    Kenyon College

    Gambier, OH, USA

  • Chika Shinohara

    Momoyama Gakuin University

    (St Andrew’s University), Osaka, Japan

  • Shaminder Takhar

    London South Bank University

    London, UK

  • Tiffany Taylor

    Kent State University

    Kent, OH, USA

Editor Biographies

Vasilikie Demos, Professor Emerita of Sociology, University of Minnesota-Morris, is Co-editor of the Advances in Gender Research series and of this volume, and of, Race, Gender and Class for What? special issue, Race, Gender & Class, among other publications. She is Past President of the North Central Sociological Association and Sociologists for Women in Society, a recipient of the Harriet Martineau Sociological Society Award, SWS – Representative to the United Nations, and Chair of the SWS Subcommittee on CEDAW.

Marcia Texler Segal, Professor of Sociology and Dean for Research Emerita, Indiana University Southeast, USA, is Co-editor of the Advances in Gender Research series and of this volume, and of Intersections of Gender, Race, and Class: Readings for a Changing Landscape, Ethnic Women: A Multi-Status Reality, and author or editor of other publications. She is Past Chair of American Sociological Association sections on gender and on race, gender and class, Past President of the North Central Sociological Association, recipient of the Sociologists for Women in Society Mentoring and the Harriet Martineau Awards, and serves on the board the American Sociological Association Retirement Network.

About the Contributors

Natascia Boeri, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Bloomfield College in New Jersey, USA. Her research interests include gender, social reproduction, and the political economy.

Deborah Fessenden, M.A., is a graduate student in Sociology at the University of North Texas. Her research explores refugees’ experience with insecure housing and their perceptions of home in the United States.

Alexis T. Franzese, Ph.D., is Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Elon University, USA. Working in the areas of medical sociology and social psychology, she explores issues of self and identity emphasizing authenticity. Her publications appear in journals including Demography and Sociology Compass and within edited volumes.

G. J. Hodson, M.A., is a pandemic graduate of Texas Woman’s University. Bridging methodologies from Sociology and Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies, their research explores inequality and identity among caregivers. They also facilitate caregiver support groups and coach families on dementia care. They live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with chosen family.

Josh M. Kaufmann is a graduate student at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health, Atlanta, GA, USA. He is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer with interests in gender, intersectionality, sexual and reproductive health, mental well-being, and behavior change.

Barbara Kirsh, Ph.D., is an Applied Sociologist who retired after a 47-year career at Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ, USA. Her policy and research interests include cultural and structural changes and their effects on lived experiences of gender, race, disability, and life stage.

Pavla Miller is Professor Emerita of Historical Sociology at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Her publications include Transformations of Patriarchy in the West, 1500–1900 and Patriarchy. She has also published on demographic explanations of low fertility, master and servant legislation, and conceptualizations of children’s work.

Pamela Monaghan-Geernaert is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Northern State University, South Dakota, USA. With a Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in Medical Sociology and Gerontology, her research interests center around the importance of delivering culturally appropriate healthcare to older adults especially American Indian and Indigenous peoples.

Ismail Nooraddini is a Ph.D. student in Sociology at George Mason University, USA, and a Graduate Research Assistant for the Institute for Immigration Research. His areas of interest include immigration, family dynamics, and adolescence. His dissertation is a comparative analysis of Hispanic and Asian families in the United States.

Marissa M. Rurka, M.S., is pursuing a dual-title Ph.D. in Sociology and Gerontology at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA. Her research explores how family relationships influence health and well-being in later-life, particularly within the context of caregiving. She is also interested in how identity processes shape mental health.

William J. Scarborough, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of North Texas. His research examines patterns of inequality across the United States. His recent work appears in Gender & Society, and Demography. He is also a co-editor of the Handbook of the Sociology of Gender.

Ray Sin, Ph.D. is a Behavioral Scientist at Early Warning Services. His research focuses on financial decision-making, and more recently, on how money can be sent easier, safer, and faster to friends, family and trusted contacts. His recent work appears in Gender & Society and Journal of Financial Planning.