Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts

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Publication date: 3 March 2016


(2016), "Acknowledgements", Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts (Monographs in Leadership and Management, Vol. 8), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Leeds, p. xv.



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We thank the following reviewers for their valuable time and their constructive comments, which were very helpful in further developing the contributions in this book: Dagmar Abfalter, Carole Elliott, Jörg Felfe, Ronald Fischer, Steffen Giessner, Richard Giulianotti, Lisa K. Horvath, Paul Hughes, Pascale Le Blanc, Robert C. Liden, Daniel May, Mark Mortensen, Tanja Peter, Armin Pircher Verdorfer, Brooke A. Shaughnessy, and Jennifer L. Sparr.

Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts
Monographs in Leadership and Management
Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts
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About the Editors
List of Contributors
Introduction: Exploring Compelling Contexts Through Paradox, Tension, and New Approaches to Leadership
Part I Sports and Competition
Leadership in the National Football League: Do Leaders Make a Difference?
Following the Leader in Sports: A Targeted Review and a Rally for Extended Research
What Lessons Can We Learn from Football about Leadership and Management?
The Role of Leaders in Managing Envy and its Consequences for Competition in Organizations
Part II High-Risk
Paradox and Challenges in Military Leadership
Leading High-Risk Teams in Aviation
Terrorist Leaders – How Ethical Must They Be?
Part III Creativity and Innovation
Leadership Lessons from Creative Industries: The Case of Producers, Directors, and Executives in Film and Television
The “Genre Bender”: The Creative Leadership of Kathryn Bigelow
Children’s Stories as a Foundation for Leadership Schemas: More than Meets the Eye
Expertise Coordination over Distance: Shared Leadership in Dispersed New Product Development Teams
Leadership in Academia: Individual and Collective Approaches to the Quest for Creativity and Innovation
Part IV Care and Community
Emotional Labor among West Texas Baptist Pastors: Potential Threats to Leader Authenticity and Lessons Learned
Finding Meaning in Highly Uncertain Situations: Servant Leadership during Change
Leadership in Volunteer Multistakeholder Groups Tackling Complex Problems
Part V Conclusion
Conclusion: Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts
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