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Architectural Space Allocation in the Renovation of Urban Villages: Users Demand

Open House International

ISSN: 0168-2601

Article publication date: 1 September 2019



Renovation philosophy and residential construction mode are key problems encountered in the renovation of urban villages in China. Existing research fruits on renovation philosophy, and policies consider fairness and efficiency and cover-sharing research consensus. However, research on residential construction mode in renovation still faces challenges, such as weak relevant policy pertinence, insufficient objective references, and poor universality. In this study, the changes of the architectural spaces of a typical urban village community in Xi'an City from the beginning to the end of the renovation were discussed. The space requirements of different user groups were analyzed and summarized, and then adapted to the different types of building spaces. In addition, the residential construction model applicable to the inclusive renovation philosophy was established. Research results corroborated that the renovation of urban village should refer to its functional orientations in the community. The community-centered renovation residential district should also meet the requirements of different user groups in the community, including residential, living, and entertainment functions. Community-subcentered residential district should meet the space demands of residential and living functions. Community-subordinated residential district meets space demands of internal residents for residential and living. Moreover, residential district space is relieved by combining practical and certain spatial factors. In this research, the building space compositions of different user groups were reviewed and refined in the “bottom-up” pattern. Research conclusions provide design references for the practical renovation of urban villages.



Jing, H., Zhimin, L. and Ying, S. (2019), "Architectural Space Allocation in the Renovation of Urban Villages: Users Demand", Open House International, Vol. 44 No. 3, pp. 118-129.



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