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Exploring service innovation in a network of travel agencies: the Robintur case

Antonella Capriello (Department of Economic and Business Studies, University of Eastern Piedmont, Novara, Italy)
Sabina Riboldazzi (Department of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Milan-Bicocca, Milan, Italy)

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology

ISSN: 1757-9880

Article publication date: 16 October 2019

Issue publication date: 8 April 2021




The purpose of this paper is to investigate how customer engagement technologies impact service innovation in a network of travel agencies, analyzing the effects on sales channels, customer relationships and retail marketing policies.


Using a qualitative single case study approach and triangulating the data from different sources (documents, semi-structured interviews and in-store observations), this paper investigates the Robintur Group, a large Italian network of travel agencies operating in the leisure travel, business travel and organized tourism segments.


This study highlights three core areas of service innovation that have interrelated effects on travel agency management in coherence with the omni-channel strategy: synergetic channel integration, dynamic customer relationships and dynamic retail marketing.

Research limitations/implications

This study is based on a single case study in Italy. Future research could extend the framework to other travel agencies and foreign markets where the diversification process of large grocery retailers is more diffused, and investigate the omni-channel approach in relation to other information and communication technologies and the implications on travel agency management.


Presenting a conceptual framework to exploit new technologies and revitalize the scope and functions of travel agencies, the case study offers insights contributing to the literature on service innovation in travel agencies. The data highlight the adoption of an omni-channel approach to facilitate the customer experience. This case study is also one of the first to empirically investigate the challenges of a large-scale retail group when diversifying to the travel industry and adopting an omni-channel strategy.


本论文旨在探究顾客参与技术(CETs)如何在旅游社网络中影响服务创新, 并分析其对于销售渠道、顾客关系、以及零售营销政策的影响。


本论文采用定性分析方法, 单一案例样本源, 并合多种采样渠道(文本、半结构化访问、和店内观察)来丰富样本数据。本论文研究了Robintur集团, 一家意大利大型旅行社网路, 主要经营休闲旅游、商务旅行、以及组织型旅游产品模块。


本论文结果强调了服务创新的三大核心:协同渠道整合、多样化顾客关系、和多样化零售营销, 其三大核心对旅行社管理有着紧密联系, 符合全渠道战略的主体思想。


本案例分析展示了一个探索新科技和复兴旅行社范围和功能的理论模型, 对旅行社服务创新有着重大理论贡献。样本数据强调了采取全渠道战略以增强顾客体验。同时, 本论文也是首个实际检测了大型零售集团在面对旅行市场多样化和全渠道战略的挑战。


本论文仅取样了意大利的单一案例。未来研究应该拓宽模型到其他旅行产业以及国际市场, 其对大型零售厂商的多样化进程更加深入, 同时, 未来研究应该讲全渠道战略与其他信息与通信技术结合来研究, 对旅行社管理有深入的启示。


关键词 旅行社 服务创新 全渠道 CET ICT 意大利





This paper forms part of a special section “Service Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism”, guest edited by Faizan Ali, Lu Zhang, Wei Wei and Yuan Zhou.


Capriello, A. and Riboldazzi, S. (2021), "Exploring service innovation in a network of travel agencies: the Robintur case", Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, Vol. 12 No. 1, pp. 58-71.



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