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Digital technology in tourism: a bibliometric analysis of transformative trends and emerging research patterns

Muhammad Asif (UE Business School, University of Education, Lahore, Pakistan)
Hesham Fazel (Department of Business Administration, College of Business, University of Bisha, Bisha, Saudi Arabia)

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights

ISSN: 2514-9792

Article publication date: 16 February 2024




This paper employs bibliometric analysis to explore transformative trends and emerging research patterns in the intersection of digital technology and tourism. The goal is to provide insights into the evolving landscape, identify key themes, influential authors and prominent journals, contributing to a nuanced understanding of this dynamic field.


This study rigorously employs bibliometric analysis from 2002 to 2023, using Scopus and Web of Science databases, yielding 2,040 Scopus and 1,389 Web of Science documents. After meticulous data selection, 575 articles were refined. Utilising VOSviewer and Biblioshiny, the analyses focus on publication trends, citations, authorship, collaborations and thematic clusters, addressing four research questions.


This bibliometric analysis reveals a significant growth in annual scientific production on digital technology and tourism, peaking at 100 articles in 2023. Key contributors include LAW R., CHUNG N. and KOO C. China leads in research output, and influential journals include “Current Issues in Tourism” and “Information Technology and Tourism.” Noteworthy trends emphasise the centrality of “smart tourism” and the interconnectedness of technology, hospitality and management in shaping future research directions.

Practical implications

Stakeholders should focus on integrating emerging technologies in tourism, emphasising areas with high research activity. Professionals must stay updated on evolving trends, adopt innovative digital solutions and collaborate to navigate the dynamic landscape.


This study pioneers the first bibliometric analysis on digital technology in the tourism industry, providing a unique and comprehensive exploration of the scholarly landscape from 1998 to 2023, shedding light on key contributors, influential journals and emerging trends.



The authors are thankful to the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research at University of Bisha for supporting this work through the Fast-Track Research Support Program.


Asif, M. and Fazel, H. (2024), "Digital technology in tourism: a bibliometric analysis of transformative trends and emerging research patterns", Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.



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