From the editor

Jim Jawahar (Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, U.S.A)

Career Development International

ISSN: 1362-0436

Article publication date: 9 February 2015



Jawahar, J. (2015), "From the editor", Career Development International, Vol. 20 No. 1.



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From the editor

Article Type: Editorial From: Career Development International, Volume 20, Issue 1

Career Development International is increasingly recognized as a high-quality journal and our impact factor remains at 1.0. Only a fraction of the 165 manuscripts received in 2014 were accepted for publication. Indeed, we have become more selective than ever before. Our request to be assigned to Grade 3 in the European Academic Journal Group List is still under consideration. Such a reassignment is merited and will tremendously benefit our European colleagues and authors most affected by this European grading system.

I would like to publicly thank the journal’s Associate Editors Professors Tom Stone (Oklahoma State University, USA), Julia Richardson (York University, Canada), Bert Schreurs (Maastricht University, Netherlands), and Akram Al Ariss (Toulouse Business School, France). I am grateful for their commitment to the journal. I commend their dedication to providing high-quality, constructive, and timely feedback to potential contributors. In the coming year, we will most likely add another colleague as Associate Editor and also expand the Editorial Advisory Board. I also appreciate the support the journal receives from the Emerald Team consisting of Zoe Sanders, Samantha Thompson, and Katie Spike.

The scope of CDI encompasses mainstream careers research as well as research addressing topics in the broad areas of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior that have implications for careers and managing careers. CDI publishes theoretical papers, review articles offering new insights and research directions, qualitative and quantitative studies, and special issues on topics dealing with important issues, concerns, and emerging trends. The journal has moved beyond publishing descriptive research and research investigating simple bivariate relationships. And, research reporting tests of mediation with cross-sectional data is viewed less favorably unless strong theoretical rationale is articulated for expecting mediation. Indeed, the prestige of CDI is on the rise as evidenced by the impact factor, the quality of manuscripts published, and the reputation of well-known scholars who routinely consider CDI as a potential outlet for their research.

As I begin my eighth year as Editor of the journal, I am very much aware that leading a journal is a collective effort and I am grateful for the support of the Emerald Team and my professional colleagues, from authors to reviewers to readers. I am looking forward to working with all of CDI’s constituents to continue to move the journal forward. I know that CDI will have another great year!

Jim Jawahar

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