The New Metrics: Practical Assessment of Research Impact

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Publication date: 19 August 2019


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The New Metrics

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The New Metrics: Practical Assessment of Research Impact


Elaine M. Lasda

University at Albany, USA

United Kingdom – North America – Japan India – Malaysia – China

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Acknowledgements vi
About the Contributors vii
Chapter 1 A Brief History and Overview
Elaine M. Lasda 1
Chapter 2 Scholarly Metrics at NCAR
Keith Maull and Matthew Mayernik 15
Chapter 3 New Metrics for Measuring Academic Research Outside the Ivory Tower
Kendra K. Levine 39
Chapter 4 A Breath of Fresh Air: New Bibliometric Services at EPA-RTP Library
Anthony Holderied and Taylor Abernethy Johnson 59
Chapter 5 Compliance and Defiance: Michigan Publishing’s Early Encounters with Research Impact Metrics
Rebecca Welzenbach and Charles Watkinson 93
Chapter 6 Altmetrics in the Museum Environment
Richard P. Hulser 115
Chapter 7 What Have We Learned Today? A Synthesis of Cases Presented
Elaine M. Lasda 131
Index 141


The editor wishes to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the chapter contributors, Emerald Publishing staff, as well as the experience, influence, and mentorship of Special Libraries Association members, past, future, and present, without whom this book would not exist.

About the Contributors

Taylor Abernethy Johnson is a Durham, North Carolina, native currently working as the User Services and Research Librarian (University of North Carolina [UNC] Contractor) at the US Environmental Protection Agency Library in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. She holds the responsibility of managing the library’s Interlibrary Loan Department along with several reference capacities including contributing to the development of a new Research Impact Services Program. Taylor earned an MSLS from UNC’s School of Information and Library Science in Fall 2016.

Anthony Holderied is the Assistant Director of the Environmental Protection Agency Library at Research Triangle Park (EPA-RTP), North Carolina. Under contract with the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he has overseen several key research service areas at EPA-RTP Library since 2013. Holderied holds an MLS and MA in educational media and has published in the fields of information literacy, assessment, instructional design, and bibliometrics.

Richard P. Hulser, MEd, MLS, is President of Richard P. Hulser Consulting and Fellow of the Special Libraries Association. His expertise includes altmetrics implementation in a museum, library and archives assessment and implementation, content digitization and licensing, and vendor partnerships in academic, corporate, and cultural environments.

Elaine M. Lasda is Associate Librarian at the University at Albany (UAlbany), SUNY, where she is primary point person on scholarly impact metrics. As the Social Welfare Subject Specialist, she also liaises with the university’s School of Social Welfare. She received her MLS from UAlbany and a master’s-level certificate in data science from Syracuse University. She received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship in 2015. She has written articles for the Journal of Academic Librarianship, Reference Services Review, Information Outlook, and Online Searcher, among others. She frequently presents on topics such as research impact, data literacy, and open access.

Kendra K. Levine is the Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies Library at the University of California, Berkeley. She manages library operations, provides research support for transportation faculty, students, and professionals across California, and works with the transportation research community to make research accessible. Kendra earned a Masters of Library and Information Science and a Masters of Information Systems from Drexel University in 2006.

Keith Maull is Software Engineer and Data Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). His work focuses on initiatives for gathering and analyzing metrics that illustrate the impact of NCAR’s scientific activities. His research interests are scholarly metrics, open science, reproducible computational research, and supporting platforms for data curation and analysis. He received his Master’s and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Matthew Mayernik is Project Scientist and Research Data Service Specialist in the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Library. He received his Master’s and PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Information Studies. His work is focused on research and service development related to scientific data curation. His research interests include metadata practices and standards, data citation and identity, and social and institutional aspects of research data. He is a member of the Board on Data Stewardship within the American Meteorological Society.

Charles Watkinson is Director of University of Michigan Press and Associate University Librarian for Publishing at the University of Michigan Library. He is responsible for the publishing division of the Library which includes the Press, Michigan Publishing Services, and the Deep Blue repository and research data services.

Rebecca Welzenbach is the Research Impact Librarian at the University of Michigan Library, where she helps scholars communicate the importance of their work and coordinates the library’s role in research impact activities on campus. She earned her MSI from the University of Michigan School of Information in 2009.