Leon C. Prieto (Clayton State University, USA)
Simone T. A. Phipps (Middle Georgia State University, USA)

African American Management History: Insights on Gaining a Cooperative Advantage

ISBN: 978-1-78756-662-0, eISBN: 978-1-78756-659-0

Publication date: 11 June 2019


Prieto, L.C. and Phipps, S.T.A. (2019), "Prelims", African American Management History: Insights on Gaining a Cooperative Advantage, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. i-ix.



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African American Management History

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African American Management History: Insights on Gaining a Cooperative Advantage


Leon C. Prieto

Clayton State University, USA


Simone T. A. Phipps

Middle Georgia State University, USA

United Kingdom – North America – Japan India – Malaysia – China

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Dedicated To Jadon Chidike Prieto


Acknowledgments ix
An Introduction to African American Management Thought 1
1. The Case for African American Management History 17
2. The Servant Leadership of John Merrick and Alonzo Herndon 33
3. Charles Clinton Spaulding – The Father of African American Management Thought 63
4. The Eight Fundamental Necessities of Management 85
5. The Four Cardinal Points of Entrepreneurship 95
6. The Beauty of Entrepreneurship: A Tribute to Two Pioneering Social Entrepreneurs 105
7. Maggie Lena Walker: An Embodiment of Transformational Leadership 121
Concluding Thoughts: Gaining a Cooperative Advantage 139
References 149


First, we would like to thank the Almighty Father for blessing us with the inspiration, strength, and resilience to write this book. In addition, we would like to thank our family and friends for their continued support in our professional endeavors. We also wish to convey our appreciation to Emerald and staff for the opportunity, and the support that they provided. A special word of thanks to Kate Collins, Research Services Librarian at Duke University, for helping us locate important primary sources that were essential for this project.