Death, Memorialization and Deviant Spaces

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Spokes, M., Denham, J. and Lehmann, B. (2018), "Prelims", Death, Memorialization and Deviant Spaces (Emerald Studies in Death and Culture), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. i-viii.



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Emerald Studies in Death and Culture

Series Editors: Ruth Penfold-Mounce, University of York, UK; Julie Rugg, University of York, UK; Jack Denham, York St John University, UK

Editorial Advisory Board: Jacque Lynn Foltyn, National University, USA; Lisa McCormick, University of Edinburgh, UK; Ben Poore, University of York, UK, Melissa Schrift, East Tennessee State University, USA; Kate Woodthorpe, University of Bath, UK

Emerald Studies in Death and Culture provides an outlet for cross-disciplinary exploration of aspects of mortality. The series creates a new forum for the publication of interdisciplinary research that approaches death from a cultural perspective. Published texts will be at the forefront of new ideas, new subjects, new theoretical applications and new explorations of less conventional cultural engagements with death and the dead.

Published titles

Brian Parsons, The Evolution of the British Funeral Industry in the 20th Century: From Undertaker to Funeral Director

Ruth Penfold-Mounce, Death, the Dead and Popular Culture

Forthcoming titles

Tim Bullamore, The Art of Obituary Writing

Racheal Harris, Meaning and Symbolism in Pet Inspired Memorial Tattoos: Echoes and Imitations of Life

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List of Figures

Chapter 2
Figure 2.1 Tyburn Detail 27
Figure 2.2 Surrounding Woodland, from Tyburn 29
Figure 2.3 Information Board Detail: Floral Tributes 30
Figure 2.4 Lefebvre’s Spatial Triad 32
Figure 2.5 Samuel Parson’s 1624 Map 40
Figure 2.6 1853 Map of Micklegate Stray 42
Figure 2.7 1853 Map of Micklegate Stray (St. Mary Bishophill Detail) 43
Figure 2.8 1910 Tyburn Map 44
Figure 2.9 1932 Tyburn Map 45
Figure 2.10 2017 Tyburn Map 46
Figure 2.11 Tyburn Information Sign 48
Figure 2.12 Tyburn Site with Bench 49
Figure 2.13 Dick Turpin’s Grave 50
Figure 2.14 Three Legged Mare Sign Detail 51
Figure 2.15 Medieval Boundary Stone 52
Figure 2.16 Little Hob Moor Noticeboard 53
Figure 2.17 Cycle Route across Little Hob Moor 53
Figure 2.18 Distance Marker on Tadcaster/Hob Moor Road 54
Figure 2.19 The Hob Stone (left) 55
Figure 2.20 The Plague Stone Plaque 56
Figure 2.21 New Tree Growth at Knavesmire 58
Figure 2.22 Fenced-off Saplings 59
Figure 2.23 Grass Meadow South of Tyburn 60
Figure 2.24 Sign for Dog Walkers 61
Figure 2.25 Path Adjacent to Racecourse 63
Figure 2.26 Path through Woodland Facing North 64
Figure 2.27 Path through Woodland Facing South 65
Figure 2.28 Tributes to the Jacobite Rebels in 2007 69
Figure 2.29 Tributes to the Jacobite Rebels in 2007 70
Figure 2.30 John Thornton Memorial Plaque 71
Figure 2.31 Jimmy Corr Memorial Plaque 72
Figure 2.32 Cycle Crossing 73
Figure 2.33 Tyburn from Below 74
Figure 2.34 Tyburn from Below [shade detail] 75
Figure 2.35 Tyburn Reverse Angle 77