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Providing Service Quality and Customer Care in Tourism Businesses

The Emerald Handbook of Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality

ISBN: 978-1-78743-530-8, eISBN: 978-1-78743-529-2

Publication date: 11 July 2018



Tourism is a service-intensive industry where tourists’ experiences are framed by the quality of service provided. The main aim of this chapter is to offer conceptual guidelines on the service quality expectations and experiences of tourists and how this can be maintained through customer care.

Methodological approach

A literature review was conducted where theories relevant to service quality and customer care were explored to design conceptual frameworks and guidelines for small business entrepreneurs/managers.


Psychological aspects related to the delivery of quality service are influenced by an array of characteristics, variables and managerial perspectives. Furthermore, tourists value the same service quality variables in the service quality assessment of their expectations and experiences.

Research limitations

Due to the exploratory nature of this chapter, interpretation of the findings must be done in the context of the discussed literature review with practical examples.

Practical implications

Service quality and customer care are essential elements in meeting tourists’ expectations. The five-step approach to address the service quality gaps in a tourism business provides valuable guidelines in the inter-relationships between the various aspects related to service delivery. The delivery of quality service is maintained by the creation of good relationships through customer care.


The illustration of the inter-relationships between analytical frameworks and models provides a unique opportunity for small business entrepreneurs to create an awareness of the delivery of quality service and customer care.



Swart, M.P.(. (2018), "Providing Service Quality and Customer Care in Tourism Businesses", Sotiriadis, M. (Ed.) The Emerald Handbook of Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 191-206.



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