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The leader as coach

Ken Ideus (Managing Partner, Delta Partnership Ltd, Weybridge, UK.‐

Industrial and Commercial Training

ISSN: 0019-7858

Article publication date: 1 June 2005




While this paper proposes a methodology, its purpose is not simply to put forward a technique for addressing a problem. Its aim is also to press the question: Why does this “problem” exist? Without addressing this question, one is likely to address the wrong problem, and miss the deeper, long‐term solutions. The author proposes that, by developing these (coaching) skills through a one‐to‐one relationship with an experienced coach, deeper development issues can be addressed.


The article first poses a question, or set of questions, and follows these questions with propositional answers. The article then supports a particular methodology for working with leaders to build coaching capability and builds on a set of five assumptions to justify that methodology.


This article has significant implications for how development of leaders, in their coaching roles, is undertaken. The implications for organisation cultures is significant as well. If the presenting problem is not addressed in an in‐depth manner, the cultures which led to the problem will merely continue unchanged.


The tendency in addressing development issues, even with leaders, is to jump to competence solutions. The author's point of view argues that one needs to look deeper, while providing needed individual development. It also argues that, while there is a competence issue involved, it is first a cultural one.



Ideus, K. (2005), "The leader as coach", Industrial and Commercial Training, Vol. 37 No. 4, pp. 189-192.



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