Research in the history of economic thought and methodology

A Research Annual

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Publication date: 31 July 2008

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(2008), "Research in the history of economic thought and methodology", Samuels, W.J., Biddle, J.E. and Emmett, R.B. (Ed.) A Research Annual (Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, Vol. 26 Part 1), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Leeds, p. ii.



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Research in the history of economic thought and methodology
A Research Annual
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Wesley Clair Mitchell on eugenics: A note
Economic singularism
the Chicago School On the theory of economic policy of the Chicago school of economicsvan Overtveldt's
How should we think of the success of the Chicago School of Economics?
Early and often or too late and not enough?
State and Status The complexity of powerclark's
Social status on the road from feudalism to the age of enlightenment
Unpacking terminology, reassessing theory
State formation in early modern Europe
the Big Three in Economics Three strikes and you’re outskousen's
The final triumph of Adam Smith?
Friedrich Nietzsche Did Nietzsche say anything to economists or about economics?backhaus and Drechsler's
A History of Econometrics in France From natural order to artificial worldsle Gall's
Economics Confronts the Economy Confronting economists who are confronting economicsklein's
Adam’s Fallacy Did Adam Smith produce fallacy or has fallacy been thrust upon him?duncan Foley's
New Voices on Adam Smith Adam Smith: One author, many contextsmontes and Schleisser's
the “vanity of the Philosopher” Sympathy lost (and regain'd?)peart and Levy's
from the Corn Laws to Free Trade Complementary forces behind the repeal of Britain's Corn Lawsschonhardt-bailey's
Economists in Parliament The determinants of thoughtaugello and Guidi's
By Force of Thought We're all Austrians now: János Kornai and the Austrian school of economicskornai's
Entrepreneurship, Money, and Coordination Which way forward in Hayekian social theory: Evolution or design?backhaus’
Schumpeter on the Economics of Innovation and heertje's
John Kenneth Galbraith The conventional wisdom and the pretense of knowledgeparker's
Forerunners of Modern Financial Economics Prior knowledge: Financial economics before Markowitzdonald Stabile's
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