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Our teaching case studies give your students the opportunity to explore real world challenges and test their decision-making skills before taking their knowledge to the workplace. Our cases are rigorously peer-reviewed and 100% of cases in our Emerging Markets Case Studies (EMCS) or The CASE Journal (TCJ) collections have teaching notes to help you facilitate dynamic classroom discussion and make the most out of your case study.

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Emerging Markets Case Studies (EMCS)

A growing collection of over 1,000 case studies and accompanying teaching notes with a unique focus on rising economies.

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The CASE Journal (TCJ)

Over 250 double-blind, peer-reviewed cases endorsed by The CASE Association, which advocates case writing and teaching and provides a forum for both novice and experienced writers.

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The Case for Women (CFW)

Created in partnership with The Case for Women, Forté, and MBA Roundtable, these are winning cases from a case writing competition dedicated to the female protagonist.

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Our licensed case partners

Alongside Emerald content we also licence over 800 cases from leading business schools and institutions globally.