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The G20 and the Think 20 as new global education policy actors? Discursive analysis of roles and policy ideas

Ivan Matovich, Prachi Srivastava

The Group of Twenty (G20) has substantial influence in global economic policy but has been peripheral in global education governance. There is intensification of education…


It is time to fix the low financing trap: public spending on education revisited

Keith M. Lewin

This paper aims to explore whether there is a “low financing trap” that results in underfunding of education systems in low and lower middle income countries (LICs and LMICs). It…

Can we transform global education without transforming how we monitor progress?

Aaron Benavot, James Williams

This paper critically aims to review existing monitoring strategies of Target 4.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals and proposes an alternative approach for reporting country…

Promise not kept: universal primary education for all children in sub-Saharan Africa

Birger Fredriksen

This article examines why Universal Primary Education (UPE) has shifted from being a developing country challenge more broadly in the last half of the 20th century to become…


Access and equity: what do we know about government primary school students' remote learning experience during school closures in Bangladesh?

Manjuma Akhtar Mousumi

The study explores government primary school students' remote learning experience during school closures due to COVID-19.

Equity issues in the provision of online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya

Francis Likoye Malenya, Asayo Ohba

The purpose of this paper is to critically review the well-intended plan by the government through the Ministry of Education to continue providing quality learning through online…

Education and environmental sustainability: culture matters

Hikaru Komatsu, Iveta Silova, Jeremy Rappleye

Humans remain unsuccessful in their attempts to achieve environmental sustainability, despite decades of scientific awareness and political efforts toward that end. This paper…


Recontextualizing internationalization of higher education institutions in South Korea through the lens of the knowledge–policy–power interface

Minjeong Jeon, Yoonjung Hwang, Moon Suk Hong

This paper aims to critically investigate the past hype of internationalization of higher education institutions (HEIs) and its complex international, national and local processes…


Investigating Japan’s physical education assistance to other countries: extraction of major categories and examination of their relevance

Tomoya Shiraishi

This study aims to provide the history and overview of the major categories of physical education (PE) assistance that Japan has provided to other countries by extracting the…

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