Organization Management Journal : Volume 21 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents - Special Issue: Modern Day Experiential Exercises

Guest Editors: Steven Meisel, Dilip Mirchandani

An introduction to climate change in management education: an individual-level approach

Cathy A. Rusinko

This study aims to introduce management students to climate change by providing them with an opportunity to address it in their own lives, through a class exercise.

Building assertiveness and listening skills using dysfunctional peer project scenarios

Laurie L. Levesque

This paper aims to provide an experiential learning exercise that develops student skills in assertive communication and listening in the context of dysfunctional group projects…


Hidden challenges: an invisible disabilities learning activity

Nicole Bérubé

This paper aims to describe an experiential learning activity designed to sensitize students to the prevalence and challenges of disclosing invisible disabilities in the…

Origami organizations!

Kristen Faile, Paula Roberts, Cate Loes

This paper aims to provide instructors with a hands-on engaging and experiential class activity designed to teach undergraduate and graduate students about different…

How grumpy cat helped students learn management concepts

Mark Julien, Micheal Stratton, Gordon B. Schmidt, Russell Clayton

Management educators often seek out innovative ways to introduce theories and concepts in such a way that students are more engaged and connected with the course material. A meme…


Students as game designers and developers: developing cooperative strategy board games to teach team leadership skills

Mariana Lebron, R. Gabrielle Swab, Ryan Bruns

The purpose of this manuscript is to highlight how gamification is transforming recruitment, retention and training to resolve employee engagement challenges in the ever-changing…