Organization Management Journal : Volume 20 Issue 3 , Open Access


Table of contents

Harnessing virtual reality for management training: a longitudinal study

Julita Haber, Heng Xu, Kanu Priya

Virtual reality (VR) technologies have been gaining popularity in training and development in many fields to promote embodied training. However, its adoption in management has…


Personality and universal design for learning in management education

Douglas Sanford, Filiz Tabak

This paper aims to improve the understanding of student readiness for universal design for learning (UDL), thereby reducing a barrier to its adoption by management faculty. It…


Inclusive workplace practices: understanding disability-assistance animal stereotype-bias signals

Rebecca McPherson, Lucas Wayne Loafman

This study aims to fill a distinct gap in the literature on disability-assistance animals (disability-AAs) and inclusive employment by investigating human resource (HR…