Organization Management Journal : Volume 19 Issue 5 , Open Access


Table of contents

An empirical study on the impact of learning theory on gamification-based training programs

Praveen Kulkarni, Prayag Gokhale, Y.M. Satish, Basavaraj Tigadi

This study aims to investigate gamification-based training program through the lens of self-determination theory and in the context of corporate training programs. It…


Team mindfulness, team commitment and team respectful engagement: the lens of the conservation of resources theory and the broaden-and-build theory

Zainnur M. Rusdi, Amin Wibowo

This conceptual paper aims to present a model and propositions regarding the positive effect of team mindfulness on team commitment and how team respectful engagement…


The long-term impact of coaching in an executive MBA program

Julia A. Fulmore, Jude Olson, Linda LaCoste

The purpose of this qualitative study is to conduct an exploratory investigation of the impact and sustainability of coaching on career and leadership development of…