Drugs, Habits and Social Policy: Volume 24 Issue 4


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An overview of legal and policy barriers to opioid analgesics access and opioid agonist therapy in Morocco

Khalid Tinasti, Lahcen Outaleb

Through its 1922 Act on poisonous substances and more recent national normative guidance, Morocco attempts to address high prevalence of HIV among people who inject illegal…

Tramadol control measures and supply for health-care services: findings from Ghana and other West African countries

Maria-Goretti Ane

This paper aims to explore the role of tramadol in pain management and the impact of regulatory measures on supply and medical access in Ghana and other African countries.

Prescription opioids, consumption cultures and “informal governing images” among “young street guys” in Nigeria

Blessing Nonye Onyima

This paper aims to explore the misuse of prescription opioids, associated consumption cultures and the emergence of “informal governing images” among young men in Nigeria.

Tramadol regulation, illegal markets and consumption practices: exploring frictions of drug control in Nigeria

Ediomo-Ubong Nelson, Ogochukwu Winifred Odeigah, Emeka W. Dumbili

The purpose of this study is to understand the complex interplay between illicit opioids trade and consumption practices and state policies that aim to reduce their misuse.

Resolving friction in the tramadol economy in Nigeria

Ini Dele-Adedeji, Lala Ireland, Gernot Klantschnig

This paper aims to examine the friction that has surfaced since the adoption of policy measures restricting access to tramadol, a synthetic opioid, in Nigeria in 2018. Our…

Beyond evidence and reality: the politics, political economy and fallout of hawkish regulatory policy on prescription drugs in Nigeria

Smart E. Otu, Macpherson Uchenna Nnam, Mary Juachi Eteng, Ijeoma Mercy Amugo, Babatunde Michel Idowu

The purpose of this study is to examine the politics, political economy, and fallout of hawkish regulatory policy on prescription drugs in Nigeria. Hawkish regulatory policy on…

Drinking to cope and college grade point average

Morgan A. Douglass, Madison L. Colley, Alexander J. Tyskiewicz, Mark A. Prince

College students report high levels of stress, with academic performance serving as a major contributor. The purpose of this study was to examine how drinking to cope with…

Ayahuasca ceremonies: set and setting features across Italy and Colombia

Federica Ambrosini, Laura Pariset, Roberta Biolcati

Ayahuasca ceremonies are currently practiced all over the world. This study aims to investigate ayahuasca ceremonies in Colombia (where ayahuasca use is culturally entrenched) and…


Family ties: examining family functioning and alcohol use among American Indian youth

Morgan A. Douglass, Meghan A. Crabtree, Linda R. Stanley, Randall C. Swaim, Mark A. Prince

This study aims to examine a second-order latent variable of family functioning built from two established protective factors for American Indian (AI) youth, i.e. family cohesion…

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