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Research on the development path of China's digital trade under the background of the digital economy

Boning Li, Su Zhang

The purpose of this study is to explore how the development of digital trade can provide new development prospects to China's foreign trade under the background of the gradual…


Who to show the ad to? Behavioral targeting in Internet advertising

Wei Xiong, Ziyi Xiong, Tina Tian

The performance of behavioral targeting (BT) mainly relies on the effectiveness of user classification since advertisers always want to target their advertisements to the most…


The influence of Internet shopping and use of credit cards on gender differences in compulsive buying

Changqin Xu, Alexander Unger, Chongzeng Bi, Julie Papastamatelou, Gerhard Raab

Buying behavior has been significantly altered by technological developments as a result of the rise of the Internet. Online buying behavior is also inextricably linked to…


Digital currency and financial inclusion in Nigeria: lessons for development

Uduak Michael Ekong, Christopher Nyong Ekong

This study aims to empirically investigate the effect of digital currency development (digital finance) on financial inclusion in Nigeria for the period. Nigeria undertook her…


Influence of attitude on mobile banking acceptance and factors determining attitude of end-users in Ethiopia

Abera Bekele Kejela, Daniel Porath

In this paper, the authors explore the reasons for reluctance to use mobile banking with the help of the technology acceptance model (TAM) and modifications proposed by the…

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