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How should economics view the Internet?

Li Tao

The study aims to elaborate the author’s basic viewpoints on how economics should view the Internet from four aspects.


The Achilles tendon of dynamic pricing –– the effect of consumers' fairness preferences on platform's dynamic pricing strategies

Yong Wang, Tianze Tang, Weiyi Zhang, Zhen Sun, Qiaoqin Xiong

In this paper, the authors study the effect of consumers' fairness preferences on dynamic pricing strategies adopted by platforms in a non-cooperative game.


Empirical study of protective products in an emerging market

Xinrong Li, Tao Guo, Dongmei Guo

This paper aims to study the motivations for purchasing protective products.

Chinese fintech companies and their “going out” strategies

Alice Siqi Han

This paper outlines the rapid rise of China's fintech companies over the past decade with a focus on their globalization strategies as they enter their next phase of development.

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