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Uncovering the structures of privacy research using bibliometric network analysis and topic modelling

Friso van Dijk, Joost Gadellaa, Chaïm van Toledo, Marco Spruit, Sjaak Brinkkemper, Matthieu Brinkhuis

This paper aims that privacy research is divided in distinct communities and rarely considered as a singular field, harming its disciplinary identity. The authors collected…

Stress in the cybersecurity profession: a systematic review of related literature and opportunities for future research

Tripti Singh, Allen C. Johnston, John D'Arcy, Peter D. Harms

The impact of stress on personal and work-related outcomes has been studied in the information systems (IS) literature across several professions. However, the cybersecurity…


Modelling the ethical priorities influencing decision-making in cybersecurity contexts

Bakhtiar Sadeghi, Deborah Richards, Paul Formosa, Mitchell McEwan, Muhammad Hassan Ali Bajwa, Michael Hitchens, Malcolm Ryan

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are often due to human users acting according to their own ethical priorities. With the goal of providing tailored training to cybersecurity…

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