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Using new artificial bee colony as probabilistic neural network for breast cancer data classification

Habib Shah

Breast cancer is an important medical disorder, which is not a single disease but a cluster more than 200 different serious medical complications.

Flow control in microfluidics devices: electro-osmotic Couette flow with joule heating effect

C. Ahamed Saleel, Saad Ayed Alshahrani, Asif Afzal, Maughal Ahmed Ali Baig, Sarfaraz Kamangar, T.M. Yunus Khan

Joule heating effect is a pervasive phenomenon in electro-osmotic flow because of the applied electric field and fluid electrical resistivity across the microchannels. Its effect…


Potential measures towards the reduction of cooling loads of office buildings in Ghana

Christian Koranteng, Barbara Simons, Kwabena Abrokwa Gyimah

Given the climatic context and economic challenge of Ghana in its developmental strides, energy use of office buildings continues to be a task on the economy. Therefore, the study…


Tradeoffs between safe/comfortable headways versus mobility-enhancing headways in an automated driving environment: preliminary insights using a driving simulator experiment

Yujie Li, Tiantian Chen, Sikai Chen, Samuel Labi

The anticipated benefits of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) include safety and mobility enhancement. Small headways between successive vehicles, on one hand, can cause…


Quality issues related to the design and construction stage of a project in the Indian construction industry

Sharmin Khan, Mohammad Saquib, Anwar Hussain

Quality in the construction industry is an important issue yet ignored during the initial stages of the life cycle of a project, that is, the design and construction stage. The…


Systematic review of application of artificial intelligence tools in architectural, engineering and construction

Mohammed Hamza Momade, Serdar Durdyev, Dave Estrella, Syuhaida Ismail

This study reviews the extent of application of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the construction industry.


Stakeholder identification methods used in private organisations’ projects in Nigeria

Nathaniel Ayinde Olatunde, Imoleayo Abraham Awodele, Henry Agboola Odeyinka

The purpose of the study is to examine the stakeholder identification (SI) methods used in building projects procured by private corporate organisations in Southwestern Nigeria to…


Performance evaluation of direction-finding techniques of an acoustic source with uniform linear array

Syed Farid Uddin, Ayan Alam Khan, Mohd Wajid, Mahima Singh, Faisal Alam

The purpose of this paper is to show a comparative study of different direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation techniques, namely, multiple signal classification (MUSIC) algorithm…

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