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Treatment of drug residues (emerging contaminants) in hospital effluent by the combination of biological and physiochemical treatment process: a review

Nadeem Ahmad, Sirajuddin Ahmed, Viola Vambol, Sergij Vambol

All those effluent streams having compromised characteristics pose negative effects on the environment either directly or indirectly. Health care facilities and hospitals also…


Nitrogen dioxide hourly distribution and health risk assessment for winter season in low town of Mohammedia city, Morocco

Rachida El Morabet, Roohul Abad Khan, Soufiane Bouhafa, Larbi Barhazi

Air quality and its assessment in urban areas has become a necessity. This is attributed to the increasing air pollution in urban landscape from anthropogenic activities necessary…

A novel methodology for optimum energy consumption in wireless sensor networks

Mohamed Abbas, Nasser Otayf

The purpose of this paper is to minimize energy usage by maximizing network life in the creation of applications and protocols


Design and construction of a sensor analytic system for the monitoring of the parameters of a plastic injection mould

Akinloluwa Samuel Babalola

Values of parameters such as temperature, humidity, number of plastic products and the location of plastic injection moulds are required to determine the efficiency of plastic…


Organizational characteristics and COVID-19 safety practices among small and medium construction enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria

Samuel Abiodun Alara

The deadly nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has severe consequences on human health and the global economy. There are rising numbers of COVID-19 cases despite containment…


Antenna array design on flexible substrate for wireless power transfer

Habeeba Khan, Sayyed Arif Ali, Mohd Wajid, Muhammad Shah Alam

In this work, a microstrip antenna array for wireless power transfer (WPT) application is reported. The proposed 4 × 4 antenna array operating at 16 GHz is designed using a…


Review of maximum power point tracking algorithms of PV system

Zakaria Mohamed Salem Elbarbary, Mohamed Abdullrahman Alranini

Silicon photovoltaics technology has drawbacks of high cost and power conversion efficiency. In order to extract the maximum output power of the module, maximum power point (MPP…


The influence of multi-stenosis in the left coronary artery subjected to the variable blood flow rate

Sarfaraz Kamangar, N. Ameer Ahamad, N. Nik-Ghazali, Ali E. Anqi, Ali Algahtani, C. Ahamed Saleel, Syed Javed, Vineet Tirth, T.M. Yunus Khan

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is reported as one of the most common sources of death all over the world. The presence of stenosis (plaque) in the coronary arteries results in the…

Lake water volume calculation using time series LANDSAT satellite data: a geospatial analysis of Deepor Beel Lake, Guwahati

Ishita Afreen Ahmed, Shahfahad Shahfahad, Mirza Razi Imam Baig, Swapan Talukdar, Md Sarfaraz Asgher, Tariq Mahmood Usmani, Shakeel Ahmed, Atiqur Rahman

Deepor Beel is one of the Ramsar Site and a wetland of great biodiversity, situated in the south-western part of Guwahati, Assam. With urban development at its forefront city of…

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