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Hotels, second homes and destination planning policies: a sequential game model

Valeria Posadas, Juan Gabriel Brida, María José Alonsopérez

This paper develops a theoretical model that analyzes the decision problem the landowner has to face between the construction of second homes and hotels. The starting point…

Souvenir in tourism research: a literature review and future agenda

Fangxuan (Sam) Li

Souvenirs have been repeatedly studied as both a subject and as a variable for other tourism-related phenomena, but research into this issue is fragmented. The purpose of this…


Research trends of digital tourism: a bibliometric analysis

Ali Roziqin, Alferdo Satya Kurniawan, Yana Syafriyana Hijri, Kismartini Kismartini

Discussions about digital tourism continue to increase among scholars as Information Communication and Technology (ICT) infrastructure develops. Dynamic changes due to…


Should the World Economic Forum’s global tourism competitiveness index be improved?

Hervé Honoré Epoh, Olivier Ewondo Mbebi, Fabrice Nzepang

This research paper aim at providing a new approach of calculating the destinations competitiveness index. How can these variables been aggregated in other to reflect the…

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